Saturday, April 28, 2007

More Web Cast review From Coachella #5

Well it past 10 P.M in Detroit Rock City
and if your are Wondering

Indio, CA[7PM/The Weather Channel]92°
San Diego [7PM/KSDN}62°F
LA [7PM/KCBS}61°

Oh by the way can somebody tell why is about 30* cooler in So Cal then in the Desert
Let Me know at Culturecitynewstips[at]yahoo[dot]com

Well when the full Coachella Line Up i knew there would be some gig that was not My likeing and Seeing a long Sterch of bands Ranging from OK to so-so

the Frames

the Dublin base Band We Alright did not get there Melow pop.

Jack's Mannequin

there is a real good reason i don't like Panic at the Disco and My Chemail Romanced, Jack's Mannequin is some kind of Dramatic Like the other Emo band i presume the Hot Chip was better than this.
[Pleased Note: Regina Spektor played at the Same time as Jack's Mannequin and will be show on the Webcast at Midnight.]

Andrew Bird

He was the Better of the three, OK Music, But he a good Wisheler.

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