Saturday, April 28, 2007

Review From the Web Cast -#4

Instance review From the Coachella

and before i do any thing if you want to know
the Pistion Sweep the Magic 4-0 by beating Orlando 97-93.
Chauncey Billups scored 25 points, Richard Hamilton added 19.

Red Wings did tie it up with San Jose by winning Game 2, 3-2
Pavel Datsyuk scored with 1:24 left to win it.

and the Lions is Keeping there First round Draft pick
it Calvin Johnson WR from Georgia Tech

Now that you in the Know here so far from the Coachella Web cast from the AT&T Buleroom.

Gogol Bordello

they began the web cast with a left over from last night because they were playing at the same time as the Electfing Bjork, and they have rock the tent during there live set which was really rock with there punk-fuse gypsy cabaret sound, I look like there have a good time up there in the set [Which was taped last night]and they show how much of a rucest they have during there live set.

Now Wonder aot of my Detroit friends who have seen them in there two gig loved this band.


This is for all the Shoegazer out there the band From Fields Warwickshire, England.

Fields played to a light but early Crowd but they build the Crowd up with Noisy brand of showgazing and the wonderful vocals by pretty Keyboard Thorunn Antonia and Guitarist Nick Peill, there sound is sort of like Sweet but Tripp Not thing much on style but much on substance, there was a good band to look at.

And if you want to know there are playing the Lager House in Corktown on Mat the 15th.

The Cribs

The Next Band on the Web Cast is the Brother Jarman[Gary, Ryan, and Ross]A.K.A. "The Cribs and they bring there A-Game to the table as they Blister out good set as the Crowd like the Engery of the band as they burn the tent with there set which they played new stuff from there album "Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever'" which will be released on May 21th.

they did really rock when they played on of my fave song from the band "Hey Scenesters!".

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