Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Indie Music News Round up For August 12th

Well, Last night i shut the computer early and when to the Belmont to see some very good indie rock with The Great Fiction, Stitch-Up and and a very good and crazy Nashville band "Six Gun Lullaby", they Mix there Psychedelic Garage rock with a little bit of punk kick in just for good measure.

I have a nice chat with Guitar Martin Schneider, and Drummer Tiffany Minton talking about Detroit music and sharing story on the road so far and tell them why we do blogs and video blog,and not to leave talk to the lead vocal Claire Adams beafly between bands and she was cool too if you want to pick up there CD"Smash your record" [which i hear it and it is really good] you can click on the links either there web sight at www.sixgunlullaby.com or there my space page at http://www.myspace.com/roboticconcubine and i hoped the come back to the SE Michigan area.

And now on to today Indie News of the only bands that matters:

The Beastie Boys have answer the called to play the Fillmore Detroit

It was report last night briefly on the Detroit News web sight and begin reported everywhere today the "Beastie Boys" have added a gig in Detroit that will be taking place at the Fillimore Detroit {Formerly the state theater] on Monday September 24, tickets for that show will go on Sale this weekend, detail on that coming up, tickets will not come cheap they will cost [cue the Dermantic Chipmunk]

and from the same report it was also announced they will play in a exclusive Gala Event Instrumental Shows in the city in the near distance furture but that will be announced at a later date.

Fallout Contiuetin from the "Pearl Jam"/ATT webcast Flap

ATT have been doing alot of spinning about the Censored of Artists after they Censor part of Pearl Jam preformce from last week at Lollapalooza after lead singer Eddie Vedder sang a couple of anti-Bush lyrics into "Daguther".

ATT have expand it was a mistake on the company who was doing the web and said this is the only time this have ever happen and will nerve happen aging, after that respond was released,
an email to Wired News and other News Outlet said they have Censor before saying that they Censor "The Flaming Lips" and "The John Butler Trio" during the Bonnaroo webcast back in June.

The Lips was censor for talking about how much George Bush had screwed up, and "The John Butler Trio" was talking about the lack of response from the government during Hurricania Katrina, the E-mail was at both show and saw the webcast later and the sound did not cut out any other time during the gig.

but ATT is saying it did that because of "It's not our intent to edit political comments in webcasts on attblueroom.com. Unfortunately, it has happened in the past in a handful of cases. We have taken steps to ensure that it won't happen again.".

I bet you have not hear the last of this one.

On the Coming Soon File

Billboard.com is reporting that fresh off there Lollapalooza set, Daft Punk who DJ in a great big Space tri-angle will released a live set of there gig in Paris back in Mid-June, it will be a ingle CD edition plus a two-disc set which features the show's encore, the yet unname C.D. will be out on late November.

New Day, New Comp album coming soon and it will be the soundtrack to the forthcoming Bob Dylan avant-biopic
I'm Not There which is out in Movie theater on November 21, the sound track which will be out on October 30 will have band doing cover of Bob Dylan, in the Soundtrack: Sufjan Stevens, Sonic Youth, Jeff Tweedy, Cat Power, Karen O, Antony and the Johnsons, Yo La Tengo, the Black Keys, Tom Verlaine, Mark Lanegan, Eddie Vedder, Iron and Wine, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Mira Billotte, the Frames' Glen Hansard (with Marketa Irglova), and the Man himself.

And Opening up for Girl Talk and Dan Deacon is

Tay Zonday

For the where not making this up Department: the bespectacled baritone singer from Minneapolis who song Original Song "Chocolate Rain" have been view 5,577,276[as of this typing]times on youtube becoming a Internet hit will opening for Girl Talk and
Dan Deacon at there gig in his hometown on October 5th, who that will be fun for a Grad Student.

The Extras:

And for those of you who are M.I.A fans her long await follow-up album "Kala" which will be get released Next Tuesday, a preview is now up on her My space page for the Next three days.

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