Friday, August 17, 2007

This Weekend in Culture City

It the Weekend in the Motor City

and this is late August and this mean it that one time of the year where old school roadster dust off the wheels and take out there classic cars out for a spin up and down Woodward Ave. from 8 Mile in Frendale all away to Downtown Poniact for the 11th Annual Woodward Dream Curse.

it take us back time when Drive-Thur are in, music on the radio was in and fun, and a good excused to take your you Friend friends after watching unlce Miton and roll up any major street in the city wield listening to Keener 13 on your AM radio in your ford thunderbird, but hoping you bang it up at five miles per hour.

Now the Curuse happened on Saturday, but every year it look like they do the cruised a few days before the cruised so traffic on Woodward tonight and on Saturday night will be slow going bumper to bumper back up from Frendale to Ponitac.

So if you are going to Detroit for a gig From anywhere in Oakland Co. her a few tips if you are going to Detroit of Woodward take 1-75 down to downtown you can exit off of 1-375 to Jefferson Ave, but if you going to the midtown area[DIA,Wayne State, Majestic theater Complex] Exit 53A and true right on East Warren Ave. and you are there.

But if you going from West off Woodward in Oakland Co. the Lodge Freeway is still close from 1-94 to southfield road, so the a bunch of detore either Telegraph Road or Orcarerd lake road to 1-96 to Downtown or West-bound 1-696 to I-75.

Saturday night is a big weekend for indie music fans as a bunch of gig are taking place this Saturday night with a lot of bands are playing there first gig or touring for the first in a very, very long time, and also asking the ture indie fans are you true indie or Local indie.

this Saturday at the Belmont in hamtramck there is a super local indie music show as three bands that have not played in a long time as Johnny Headband headline a pretty good local line-up as Chad,Keith, and RGS payed there 1st show in almost a year playing there Indie Dance rock sounds which pack a high energy show with light and good old school disco vibes

Also on the bill is the space rock outfit Aquarius Void who have not play in over a year, Fronted by Ross Westerbur along with Zach Shipps and Mike Alonso the band deliver hard driving Psychedelic rock, there warming up to put out a record next year.

and starting the evening off will be the the indie pop band Fronted by Nate Tait called Ghost City and they have not played in almost a year and a half and feather former or Currernt member of back in spades and von bondies and they played there keyboard inspired pop-rock.

and one things all of these bands have something in commenin they have members in the long time detroit band The Electric Six [Nate Tait - Ghost City, Zach Shipps - Aquarius Void, and RGS - Johnny Headband] this show will be big and it will start at 9 PM.

the big outside 313 show in town this week is the return of the Ex-Weezer bassist Matt Sharp other band "The Rentals" as this week they released there EP "The Last Little Life" which is there 1st new released in about eight years and a lot of fans will be happy to know they brought back there listen Friendly power pop music you know and love and that include there Famous Song "Friends of P", Copeland and Goldenboy opening the show at 7PM.

and if you can't gig in either gig you can always rely on that old fashion back up gig "The Dirtbombs" at The Magic Stick as the band fronted by Mick Collins gear up for there upcoming LP "We Have You Surrounded" which is coming late of the year, it would be there 1st album in four years since the 2003 released "Dangerous Magical Noise". the show begging at 8 PM.

Other gig over the weekend The Beggars with Friends of Dennis Wilson, Carjack & Charlie Don’t Surf played on the Magic Bag in Frendale on Friday, Tim Pak / Sean Hoen / Kevin Brace doing the Lager House, Nice Nice, Blue Ohm and Suede Brothers playing the Belmont, Class 3 Overbite, Hotness, Sik Sik Nation, Go to Zero is playing small's, and The Temptations/The Four Tops will Cruise on down The DTE Energy Music Theatre.

the gig on Saturday are The Bang! are playing at the blind pig, The Music of Led Zeppelin: A Rock Symphony is at DTE Energy Music Theatre, and The Last Tourist have there CD Release show at the Small's.

and if you couldn't find anything on the list you can always go to the Second City in Novi where they just opend there 30th review called 'Night of the Living Debt', i was at the opening night on Wednesday and it is a really funny show it a Open-ended run ever Wednesday to Sunday at the second city in Novi which is at 42705 Grand River of you can find out more info at

Have a good weekend.

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