Monday, August 13, 2007

Today Indie News Round up for August 13th

i will be happy to know that there only three weeks left during the long and boring off season and at last the fastany Football season will begin with opening night on September 6th, i got my fansrasy football team ready for the start of the season are you???

The Gore, Gore, Girls Gone Hollywood

Well Last Thursday, at the Henry Ford in Dearborn as part of the Rock Stars: Cars and Guitars Exhibit [ now there until Early September.] the Gore, Gore Girls play a concert as part of the exhibit is just the kick off to there tour in support of there new album which was released back in late June called "Get The Gore" which is on Bloodshot Records [and the album is very good after listen to it.

Well there now in Hollywood as they start there American tour starting this Wednesday with a in house at Ameoba music in Hollywood begin at 7 PM PST[10 PM Detroit time], so if you are reading this in the LA area please go see them, it won't be that crowd like Tegan and Sara a few weeks ago, and it will also be stearm live on the Amoeba music story begin at 10 PM E.S.T.

But if you can't go to LA from Detroit, they will do a live gig and interview on the Internet TV music Channel, Music Plus TV this Wednesday as well there live set begin at 3 PM EST an you can see it on, and after that Amy and the girls will go on tour for two months including a opening slot in October with fellow Detroit band The Electric Six.

Now this is a petition i fully endorse

Now on the weekend of August 4th on the Live from culture city concert post, i put up a concert from the wonderful Vancouver Dance-Punk band "You Say Party! We Say Die!", now that is the closest the band will come to the U.S., as you know back in the Fall of 2006 they have to force to scrub the West US dates because there was denie a P2 Visa just because they was not making engoght money money on there past tour.

Worst yet there bass players and founding member Stephen O'Shea was grilled for five hours after he try fooling boarder resulting in a five years ban for O'Shea and the rest of the band, so they can not get back in the U.S.A. until 2011.

there immigration lawyers and the musician's federation have been trying to clear this up but so far there is Nothing to report, so last week one of there fans put up a petition at to let them know the band is want to be seen in the US, if you want to sing the petition to let the band play in the U.S., you can find the pititon on the Above headline of you can finf the link on the top of the page on the Menu on your right.

Oh, By the way they will have there 2nd album"Lose all time" is out tomorrow, and they will do the tour in nearby Windsor at the Avalon Front[300 Ouellette Avenue, Windsor, ON] on September 15th.

Huey Lewis and the News get a total indie rework

For a lot of you fans you used to be fans of "Huey Lewis and the News" you be happy to know that is reporting that a tribute album is in the work on yet a unnamed label that will be released sometime in 2008 among the bands who are playing the album "Apostle of Hustle" doing "I Want a New Drug", "Catfish Haven"feeling "The Heart of Rock and Roll", "My Brightest Diamond" taking on "Naturally"and "Oh No! Oh My!"singing "Finally Found a Home"

And what is up to "Amy Winehouse"

Amy Winehouse have to cancelled some gigs last week and had to pulled out of her opening spot Rolling Stones in Germany after she was hospitalised for at what they say was Exhaustion at first but now it been reported that she had drink and drugs binge that lead her into the hostpail after intervened by her husband, her parents, and her in-laws, She OK but she need to rest before she goes on the road, so that mean she probable need more rehab.

Happy Annuverisry to Chuck

And Since i try the best story to find to fit in five lines of less, but i have room to wish Happy Anniversary's to the lead weatherman at WDIV ch.4 Chuck Gaidica who if you was watching Local 4 News at six they took a look at his 25 years in Detroit TV forcasting the weather in Detroit and hopeding it dont rain on Dally in the alley day which is on September 8th, ehich is 26 days away, so please check with chuck on Dally week.

The Extra:

Pitchfork have a interview with the one and only Iggy Pop

The Last batch of interview from last week Lollapalooza with Hold Steady, Peter Bjorn & John, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Dax Riggs, Los Campesinos

And have a interview with Mark Ronson

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