Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's 9 O'Clock

And this Saturday for the first time in about eight year the band fronted by the ex-Weezer bass player Matt Sharp "The Rentals" will take the stage at the Majestic theater as the warm up for a bigger tour next year as they released there new yet untitled album

the band was from as a side project during Weezer downtime, they released "Return Of The Rentals" back in 1995 with the breakout hit "Friends of P".

They return in 1999 with there follow up "Seven More Minutes" and they when on a long Hiatus.

well they reform with original backup vocalist Rachel Haden, Sara Radle on vocals/multiple instruments, Ben Pringle (from Nerf Herder) on synth, Lauren Chipman on viola/vocals and Dan Joeright on drums

tickets are still on sale for the show at the Majestic box office in the Garden Bowl it should be a great show.

So tonight video selection are from "Return Of The Rentals", the well know "Friends of P" and the long forgotten "Waiting

"Friends of P"


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