Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Culture City New Follow Up

Well, we have a follow up to a story that was big News about two week ago in the Detroit Music Scene and was clear up last week with a my space E-mail and a story in last week Detroit News writen by Melody Baetens.

Now back on Friday October 6th [
ORGINAL POST] i posted that the underground rock club which open back in 2001 and pick up the slack after the closeing of the gold Dollar in the Midtown area was sold to a unknow buyer and some say would turn in to a blues bar possable for spin-off business for the new MGM Grand hotle andf Casino in SW Detroit

But Since that post the Day after the post when up on the blog i got a meesage on the myspace message board from the lager house myspace page with this question:

Answer to: Is the Lager House closing?
Body: NO! For the umpteenth time, NO!

but i did confrim a bunch of details that are ture, the Current Owner of the lagur house The Weakly family [who owned the club for three generations] sold the Bar to a pair of Business Men and music Fans From the Detroit Area.[More on that later]

the co-booker Rich and Jay were let go as booker at the culd which is on the Eastern Edge of the Corktown area in SW Detroit, but i talk to Rick on Saturday at the Destro show at the belmont and told me that he quit after a metting with the new owner, but either way both rick and Jay are gone as booker at the Lagur.

as for the new owner they have been Finaly revele, The New Co-Owner of the Lager house are P.J. Ryder who was born and Rasied here in Detroit and is well know in the music scene because He Owned P.J. Records for about 15 years in Ann Arbor.

His Co-Owner of the lager House is George Kelly who Currenly owne a book store in Dearborn and is also a working musician in the area

as for what will become of the lager house well let say it will get a major remodleing job as they will New flood, better sound system and not only that better restroom and both the men and woman will be together, and that brought joy to the Scene, because if you every used the restroom well there not the best in the detroit area and not only that the girls restroom is located in the Courner fo the stage area, the men area is near the patio.

as far for the music at the Lager house well During the ownership chang over there will be no Music What so ever at the lager house but after the changeover there will Still be indie bands and Detroit playing there at the Lager, but there will be some Folk Music and some Blues music at well.

The New Owner will try to have music every Night at the Lager instead of the anything goes booking in the past, but with a small club like the lager it a big risk because most of the action for gig in Detroit are Friday and saturday and just recently the crowd for the midweek show in Any Detroit venue have been spacr, Just recenly a Rilo Kiley show which was held at the Royal Oak Music Theater[Which i attended] was only half full for a monday night, So doing a gig every night in any club in detroit these days is kind of risky.

As of when the music Come back well there was one rumore that there was a Gig book for the biggest Bar Night of the year which is the Day Before Thankgiving, But there neader the regual sight [] or there myspace sight[] have not been update in a wheild so stay tune as we update the further of the lager House.

In the meanwheld the new Owner of the Lager is asking for band to book
So if you want to play the lager house you can Called the bar at the Lager house at

(313) 961-4668.or you can Come to the lager house or send Press kits to the the Following adress:

Lager House
1254 Michigan Ave.
Detroit, MI 48226.

or you can E-mail the lager at

UPDATE: as Fast as i was writeing This story there is some good news, there are gig book at the Lager House, i just check the Lager House sight and yes there is some gig book at the Lager

here are the Dates:

This Saturday - Hadituptoheres wsg Noman / Millions of Brazillians / DJ Arithmetik -
Friday - Porchsleeper wsg Great Lakes Myth Society / Deastro
Saturday - The Sillies Halloween Party!

The Detroit News Story
Lager House Web Sight
Lager Houuse Myspace Page

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