Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Local News Round Up

Just a reminder since it now Mid-October and the tradtion Last three Months of the Year where there is a Holiday at the End of the last three Month[Holloween - Oct., Thankgiving - Nov, and Chirstmas - Dec.] and where at the end of the year and in about over two months away to the 2nd annuals Culture City Festive 50 for 2007.

That Where i list all of the important music that matters in the calderne year, Just like Last year there will be a Full Festive 50 of the bands that matters and a separt local 25 version of the list the bands in the Detroit and Michigan Area.

Now Since i can't go to shows almost every night and cant buy almost Every C.D. coming out in a C.D. Released party in need you help so if you are a local band who released a CD in 2007, pleased let me know

all i need if your Local band have released a C.D. or E.P. in 2007 within the CAldear year [That Jamuray 1st to December 31st] and must be total indie rock so that mean No heave metal, or cover band, or lame pop bands.

If you have C.D. or E.P. let me know pleased E-Mail at and put on the Subject Line : Culture City Festive 50 - Local 25 Nomimeed and just give the details on the album and was it relased at a CD Party or in stores or Both

And the Local 25 will be released in One Big Post After the Festive 50 on the last week of the year.[That is where there is No News durring x-Mas and New year.]

The Big Buzz around the Detroit Music Scene is The Muggs a Finalist in a new reatly Show From the Producer of Oh No "America Idols" noooooooooooooooooooooooo

But, It A Good Thing For the Batter and Burise Detroit Music Scene There will be one of two band that i know that will be on "The Next Great American Band" that will be on Fox this Upcoming Friday as the band of Danny Methric, Tony DeNardo-Rhodes, and Matt Rost will Go to be in the top 12 band to go for a record contact, also on the show will be Royal Oak Solo singer Matt Austin is also feather on the show.

The Show in the Rock band Version of American Idols a show we dont follow on the sight and the Summer T.V. Gulty pelsure "So You Can Think you Can Dance" it will start airing this Friday on Fox At 8 PM and DOn't Foget it will be on FOX 2 in Detroit.

now the Big Question if you are going to watch for two hours from 8 to 10 on the Second worst night of the week will see and Following the show on Friday with a post Late Friday.

Speaking of ready, i know you been asking are there anything on the Von Bondie and there New Revamp Line Up well nothing much much there New album "Love, Hate, and Then you" will be out on Next year and they will tour with there New Line-up of Alicia Gbur, Leann Banks, and Matt Lannoo who join Member Jason Stollsteimer and Don Blum[who i saw last night at the Ravenetts show at the Stick], but you are in luck because Three Songs from the new album on there My space page at which Feather the Song "Pale Bride" and Two Other songs that inclued Come On, Come On and the inseration for the Name of this blog sight "It Came From Japan" and Dont forget Jason Other Band the Hounds Below will also opening up For Dearsro on Friday Night at the Stick.

Two Detroit Rockers are No Longer single, The lead SInger of the "Thundrbirds are Now" one lucky Ryan Allen got Married a few months ago to his long time girlfriend on the Same Day as the Dally in the Alley and He was Married at Lovly Belle Isie and one of Step Sister have also gotten Married bass player Teri Lynn williams go Married got married about a month Ago and yes this blogger is still Date-lass as Always.

Well that all i have today because i getting back in the Game So that the reson i am blogging all Day on all the past post on this blog Sight not that i haqve past 1,000 Post.

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