Friday, October 19, 2007

This Weekend in Culture City for the weekend of October 19th

Well it the end of a very long week after i got over my thank you and the follow up on the futher of the lager house i can now get back on the business of blogging on what is happening in Detroit rock City, and just in time because i cam to the wright place because tonight full loaded night is Friday Night.

1st we begin with a club in Pontiac and the nearly two months old Crofoot in South Downtown and the return of the a band who last CD released party was mar by that infamous Innocent that almost brought down the Detroit Music Scene All together.

It the return of Balance who next week released there long awaited follow-up album "Little Amber Bottles", the album was support to be released earil this year but was delay after there Former label V2 Records shut down this year, but they found a new label and ready to released there Follow up to the 2004 "If We Can't Trust The Doctors"

Lead by the husband and wife Duo of Dan and Tracee Mae Miller along with Dave Feeny, The Raconteurs "Little" Jack Lawrence and Drummer Lisa "Jaybird" Jannon released there second set alt rock that have a Gothic to them and there live set are really rocking but down home, the New CD also have a guest appercen by Former member of Belle & Sebastian and solo singer Isobel Campbell.

The Doors for the balance Show begin at 8 PM and "Little Amber Bottles" is out this Tuesday.

Down the road in Royal Oak at the Music Theater begin in at 8 PM is a man that will have his Die-hard fans playing anywhere from $51.50 to $77 to see, it the lord almighty, I know what you are thinking God have came down to bless you, no that lord almighty, but the Lord almighty of the manchester music scene in the 80's and the 90's and still going today, The one and only "Morrisery".

The man have done almost everything since he was a front man with the smiths in the 80's and susscful solo career since then if i have time to list his whole carrerd it would take the whole right side of this Menu, but if you want look up his
Wikipedia page

The Futher Eruovision Contestant for the UK[it going to happend on day, it will so he take the crownd back to the U.K.] thak the stage at 8 PM.

And Futher down the Road at the one and only Magic Stick,the Louisville, Kentucky base Indie Dance-punk band VHS or Beta who make there Detroit appenced to tour in support for there latest CD which is called "Bring on the Comets" which is the follow up to there break out indie hit called "Night on Fire", i saw there set back in 2004 in the only time i saw a gig in Pontiac as they opeding for the the Von Bondies and the have a fun live set that have the place rocking.

Opening up for VHS and Beta Mas! and the beat kid Deastro the show beging at 8 PM

and speaking about 8 PM before you do any thing tonight, the rock and roll version of the show that I won't cover on this blog sight "American Idol" is Amercan Nexy Great rock band and the reason i bring this up that two bands that i know as i rome around this city "the Muggs" will be on the show and have the detroit rock scene buzzing and they are even in to day
Detroit Newsalso on the show will be surband singer who i got to met in the summer Matt Austin.

Now the show will aired at 8 PM on WJBK-TV - FOX 2 in detroit and if you want to root on the Muggs there going be viewing parties at the Cadieux Café located at 4300 Cadieux Road in the east side of Detroit and Small's Bar at 10339 Conant St. in Hamtramck.

and since i am friend with both the web Vomit guy and the fivethree dialtone guy i have to mention this tonight after every thing that when on in detroit rock city there is a post show after hours with Deastro side project Our Brother The Megazord also DJ will be Jim Carroll, Will Yates, Steven Robert and The Count of Montenegro.

it only $3 Dollars cover and it will go from midnight to 5 A.M. and it will go down atThe CAID (Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit) 5141 Rosa Parks Blvd. just off I-94 and just two blocks west off Tom Adams field[Wayne State home football Field].

And on Saturday at the majestick therater is a local all-star benitfit for releif for Sundan which have been ravge by cilive war, playing for the Jam For Sudan with The Sisters Lucas, Sweet Japonic, Zoos of Berlin, The Beggars, The Muldoons, The Hentchmen, The Go the cover for the good cause is $15 and it will start at 7 PM.

Other gig going on in Detroit this weekend are these:


BREATHING UNDERWATER with Exit The Ordinary & Manna And Quail - Magic Bag
Tiger Army - Saint Andrews Hall
State Radio - BLind Pig
Zombie Showdown with 3-D Invisibles, Friends of Dennis Wilson - Belmont
Easy Action - The Belmont
Ellis Paul - The Ark
Trevor Watts and Jamie Harris - Bohemian National Home


A.L.D. AND COLD AS LIFE - Magic Stick
Agent Orange w/ Hairy Drain Babies, and Mazinga - Blind Pig
Shannon Curfman - Small
Chris Smither - The Ark
Johnny Corn Dog, Cakes of Light - Bohemian National Home
UnderOath with Every Time I Die, Poison the Well & Maylene And the Sons Of Disaster -The Fillmore Detroit
Van Halen wsg Ky-Mani Marley - Joe Louis Arena


BLUE RODEO & FRIENDS featuring Ron Sexsmith, Luke Doucet & Oh Susannah - Magic Bag- SONiA & disappear fear -The Ark

And yes the Linos are playing Tampa Bay.

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