Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Well as you know as i updating this blog all day i am Following Details of a Trail going on In Chicago that have Detroit Connection.

But i do have a back story to this Trial i am posting this Trail in the 1st place

But first the Story that is going on Right Now, A Judge in the Chicago Suburb of Skokie, IL is hearing the Case of 25 year old Jeanette Sliwinski who is accused of slamming her car into another car and killing three people in Niles back on that day on July 14, 2005 during an apparent failed suicide attempt.

that Crash Killed Three Close Friends and Musician, those killed in the Crash was 35 years old John Glick[guitarist of the Returnables],29 years-old Douglas Meis[Drummer of "The Dials] and 39 years old Michael Dahlquist[drummer of Silkworm]

The Trail Started yesterday and it was tough Day for the Victim Family as they hear details on what happened on that awful Day, including description from Firefighters who heard Sliwinski say that she want to die after she Survived that accident, the Description was So Grapch the Victims Family wept openly in Court.

And Today there was more testimony and it get worst, According to the Chicago Sun Times paramedics found an opened bottle of gin in Sliwinski car, Skokie police detective Michael Liebau told the Court“One of the paramedics handed me a bottle of alcohol, and he also handed me a purse,“He said he thought these would be important.”

Liebau then identified the bottle in court –- a mostly full, 750-ml. bottle of Seagram’s gin, with the seal broken.

In opening statements Tuesday, defense lawyer Todd Pugh said Sliwinski was sober at the time of the crash.

the Trail is going to lasted for a Week, Now you are wondering why a Detroit Music Blogger is Following a Chicago Trail, well here my back story, back in January of 2004 i saw the band Douglas Meis was in "The Dials" at the magic Stick opening up for The Fonda's and there Close Friends The Avatars now back then i did not take opening band light like i do now, when i saw the Flyer for the show i mistake the band for a punk band.

But when i saw the band play with there Fun bound 60 style rock i became a Big fan of the them ever since and i was sad for them when the Crash happened and i been think of them ever since before the Trail in hopping for Justice in the horrible Tragedy.

I will be keeping tab on this Trail and i will be up dating this Blog sight during the week and if i don't do a hand type report i will put up a copy for one of the Chicago Newspaper.

just to let you know I will follow this story until it conclusion

But if you want to keep up here are the Web Sight
of some of Chicago News Sights:
WGN-TV[CW-9] -
WBBM-AM[News Radio 880] -
Chicago Tribune -
Chicago Sun Times -

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