Monday, November 12, 2007

Gig Gudie Extra

Now there was a lot of gigs that i did not put on this week gig guide but i added the New Gigs that is coming down the road in the last couple of Months as well in to the New Year.

and i was reminded in yesterday Detroit Free Press that just like last year TV Dancing with stars [Which this season edition is down to only five left]will go on tour, ticket went on sale today [Kind of odd for tickets to go on sale on a Monday]for the Detroit stop on Saturday, Jan. 5, 2008 at the Joe Louis Arena in Downtown Detroit,

Pro and Star Dancer that will be at the event will be Wayne Newton, Cheryl Burke, Sabrina Bryan, Mark Ballas, Joey Lawrence, Edyta Sliwinska , Monique Coleman, now the Cheapest tickets i can find is $52.50, Ouch

But For a Cheaper Alternative for about $12 bucks you can see the one and only The Fiery Furnaces the Brother and sister duo from Brooklyn will do a Detroit date on December 13th at the Magic Stick in Midtown Detroit In Support of there 6th Album called "Widow City" which was released on October.

The Big Question is how long can the band keep on going with out stopping and not only that Eleanor Friedberger is Hot.

and Speaking about gigs at the magic stick, they have not forget about the X-mas Show at the stick and it dose have a Date the 6th annuls Detroit Sound and Spirits will take place on the Friday after X-Mas on December 21th at the stick now i don't have any info on the show if self but Stay tune for more info as the Day Get Closer.

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