Monday, November 12, 2007

The Indie News Round Up

Now Nine times out of ten Most of the stuff in the indie news are mostly bad.
but think of to news is like a sort of new car model for the Detroit Auto show

the CD and album version of "In Rainbows" out on a us Label

after doing the Downloaded version of "In Rainbows" for almost next to nothing Radiohead have signed a US deal with ATO Records Group and will released the CD version of "In Rainbows" here in the USA on the second days of the new year, two days until the album drop on Dec 31st on XL records in the UK, the 1st single "Jigsaw Falling Into Place" will drop in US radio station.

Weezer is really back, really

when i started this blog back in May of 2006, one of the 1st story was that Weezer would never record aging, sic, well today Rivers Cuomo announced there will be new Weezer album released on New Music Tuesday April 22,2008 and oh yes they will tour, but Rivers rel3eased his solo stuff a week before X-mas with a album called Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo.

and More Good News, My Bloody Valentine is almost back

in a interview Kevin Shields on's Web Show Soft Focus, he confirm that 90's Shoegazer band will released and new album there 1st since 1991 Loveless, saying that will contain material recorded by Shields and guitarist/vocalist Belinda Butcher over a decade ago, some material from even earlier in the '90s, and "a little bit of new stuff," Shields says. "It sounds like what we sounded like -- different, but not radically different. People will go, 'Yeah, it sounds like My Bloody Valentine.'"

No word yes that every body will be asking are they play Coachella

and two Local Music Notes

Ghost City "One and Done"

According to our friend of this blog site, Jasper of Web Vomit that Ghost City who have released there self title album back in October at Cliff Bell's is no more they broke up because of one thing time, Chris Tait is soning the Electric Six, Leanna Metro is doing "The Sirerns" and "The Von Bondies", Stephen Palmer is doing the dead Bodies and Brandon Codeine is doing Jason & the Hounds Below.

So it all blog down to time they did not have any time to do a full band.

A Almost Old School American Mars Reunion

And to wrap it up when i was talking to Thomas Trimble at the Belmont the other week he drop this on me that he going to be in the new project with the line-up from American Mars 1997 Album "Late" and it you remember the line up of the band in 97 it was Thomas Trimble vocals, guitars, Brad Richards on guitar, Karla Richardson on bass and vocals, and Dave Lentz on drums.

and they will used a difference band name with the 1997 line-up.

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