Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's 9 O'Clock Extra soft focus
Part three With the Frontman of the Just
Reunite My Bloody Valentine
Kevin Shields

before we put part three of the four part interview with Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine, there was big news today on the long awaited return of My Bloody Valentine today it was revied that the UK Shoegazing band have book three date in the UK and no they did not book Coachhella yet

thouse three dates are going to be in the UK
and thouse day will be:

June 20th in London,England
June 28th in Manchester,England
and July 2nd in Glasgow, Scotland

Now if you are going to England just to remind you that the ticket will go on sale tomorrow (Nov. 16) at 9 A.M[London time, that 4 AM EST so you have to get up very early] and you have to get them

amd dont forget they have a new LP that will going be out at near the end of the year or the beging of 2008.

So with that here Part three in the of the interview with the FrontMan MBV Kevin Shields in this part of the interview Kevin discuss the effects of growing up in both New York and Ireland on Kevin’s musical and “coolness” sensibilities, Husserl’s theory of phenomenological reduction, My Bloody Valentine’s crazed Catholic stalker, and learning to appreciate the music of Joe Meeks even after one of the guys from the Tornados tried to convince Kevin he was going deaf.

My Bloody Valentine’s
You made me realise

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