Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's 9 O'Clock

And presenting the Full Four part
interview with My Bloody Valentine
Front man Kevin Shields

This week was the day that every ture blue rock fan have been waiting since 1992 to hear these words My Bloody Valentine is going to play a live gig.

This week came word that the Dublin, Ireland Shoe gazing band will reunite for the 1st time after there 1991 Alternative Classic "Loveless" which turn out the song "Only Shallow" not only that in a interview with the Vice Records web show soft Focus the Front man also album out before year's end which made up of stuff made in the 1990.

show in the UK on June 20th in London, June 28th in Manchester, and July 2nd Glasgow,

On Thursday ticket went on sale for the 1st three show in the UK on June 20th in London, June 28th in Manchester, and July 2nd Glasgow, thouse show sold out in 6 minutes in London, a 1/2 hour in Manchester, and 15 minutes in Glasgow.

and because of that the band book extra dates and they will do seven dates among thoues three UK City.

as for a date in the us nothing is sterght yet we do want to jump ahead now they still could play Coachella 08 in April but nothing is a giving.

all of this is prefect timing as for the 1st time in a long time Front man Kevin Shields talk for the 1st time about the reunion, the prosecc in making a album, his upbringing, and more.

The Interview was present in four parts on Vice records on the Soft Focus web show and ever since then this have been reposted on every blog, on you tube.

and with news of MBV getting back together this is Hugh.

So here are all four parts of the interview with My Bloody Valentine Kevin Shields as done by the host of Soft Focus Ian Svenonious

Part One

We kind of don’t want to spoil it for you, but in this edition Ian sits down with the man behind My Bloody Valentine’s deafening and dreamy reimagining of guitar music, who has, shall we say, a little announcement about the supposedly defunct band.

Part Two

In this installment, Kevin talks to us about all the technical minutia behind My Bloody Valentine’s crazy bendy dream-sound and dispells their association with all the 4AD and shoegaze bands they always get lumped in/between. Lots of good music-geek jargon like wet vs. dry production, reverse reverb, chord resolution, that sort of stuff.

Part Three

In part three, Ian and Kevin discuss the effects of growing up in both New York and Ireland on Kevin’s musical and “coolness” sensibilities, Husserl’s theory of phenomenological reduction, My Bloody Valentine’s crazed Catholic stalker, and learning to appreciate the music of Joe Meeks even after one of the guys from the Tornados tried to convince Kevin he was going deaf.

Part Four

In the final part of his interview, Kevin pooh-poohs the notion that My Bloody Valentine were louder than any other bands, describes the inherent problems in the idea of revolution, and calls out the “carbon neutrality” movement for the naive horses#!& it is, while Ian harangues him about the song “Glider.”


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