Friday, September 12, 2008

Break Culture news Up-date

The Bohemian National Home Update

Here is a update on a story
that broke out all over the culture Scene this week

Now as you all know this week the Owner of the "The Bohemian National Home" [Which is on 3009 Tillman, about a block north off of Michigan Ave.] announced that they will not be hosting any more show and it would be closing after this month.

now at the time the owner did bot say any thing of why there are closing

but i received a post on my space from windy from the noise band Windy and Carl
and we received more to the story it basic say that the original owner of the building repossessed from owner Joel Peterson and going to change into a get ready to this "a nightclub/event center" and the original owner have rename the building The BO House.

in the post Windy blame The owner of riping off Peterson and trying to profit off the new tax break for movie coming into Michigan bringing there stars in to town.

meanwhile the Original owner have set up a new myspace page under the page The BO HOUSE and clam on there Front page "THE BO-HOUSE rebirth is going to bring something new and needed to the Detroit Music and Culture snece"

so the big question is Joel Peterson begin kick out because of somebody else or or is the culture sence begin the change for the better

in the mean time show that were going to held at The Bohemian National Home will take
place at the CAID A.K.A. Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit on 5141 Rosa Parks, just North of Warren just west off Wayne state.

Those show will be:

9/13 - Odu Afrobeat Orchestra and Mega Faun
9/16 - Henry Grimes with Faruq Z. Bey and Steve Rush
9/26 - Cooper Moore
10/11 - Eric Vloeiman's Fugimundi
10/12 - Shelly Short/Alexis Gideon
10/16 - Eastern Seaboard, KBD
10/17 - Chris Moore and Sons

there is more to this story
so keep in touch with this story
it warming up.

The Post From Wendy from Myspace:

okay -
so i hear the gloves are off......
i'll be polite, but informative.

joel peterson has been running the Bohemian National Home out of a building on tillman for a number of years now. he has brought amazing musicians to town, and hosted shows no one else would dare touch. he's had experimental music fests, folk fests, psychedelic music nights, movie nights, and most importantly, the improvised jazz fests.

joel is doing all this in a community with very little money. we all know detroit is tired and worn out. we know the suburbs are tired, too, and it gets harder each month to get people into the city as times get's easier to stay home and watch tv. we ALL know, we ALL do it. make the choice to stay home.

but i would bet each one of us still gets a starbucks coffee or taco bell at least once a week......and that $5 could be used to see a show that joel is putting on!!

yeah, why am i ranting like this? why am i raking you over the coals? because the bohemian national home as we know it is no more. the building is being repossessed by it's original owner, and being turned into a "nightclub / event center". we've all heard about the tax breaks michigan is giving to hollywood movie companies as a way to drawn them into the state to film. well, THE BO HOUSE, as the "new"owners are calling it, is not The Bohemian National Home. and the bo house has set up a new myspace page where they are trying to claim a "rebirth" of the facility with new managment, and trying to get all kinds of detroit bands and peeps to sign up as their friends and book events there.

in short, someone else is trying to PROFIT from the years of hard work and extreme love joel put into that building. the thousands of hours of plaster work and paint and wood repair. the patience and dilligence of setting up shows and seeing each one of them through to the end, even if only 5 people came to be in the audience.

so, joel is keeping the name THE BOHEMIAN NATIONAL HOME. and we are asking you to support him in any way you can. please visit his myspace page and send him words of encouragement, and find out when and where all of the upcoming, rescheduled shows are happening.

and tell every band you know that there IS a difference btwn joel's bohemian national home and the imposters who are trying to pull in the movie star crowd joel and his endevours. there are not so many people in detroit who care as much as he does, who work as hard as he does.

thanks. and here is a current list of the shows that have been rescheduled at the CAID. thanks caid for stepping up when we all need you!! some other shows may be at the mocad, the ufo factory, and maybe even a small one or two here at stormy. we are a community who can pull through this - be strong with us!! make a difference.


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