Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Breaking Culture News

We Have two Breaking Culture City News Story


Tonight i receive a E-mail From The Bohemian National Home on Detroit West side

and it tell the following:

Some of you already know, but for reasons we can't disclose, The Bohemian National Home is closed at 3009 Tillman. Although this is an unfortunate situation, we are undeterred in presenting the finest and most unusual musical offerings in town. For now, Andy Krieger's art show this Friday will be the last event at 3009 Tillman.

[I.E. The Bo house will be close after this Friday gig.]

Until things get settled, shows will continue at Detroit's finer venues that have offered their assistance. We're starting with Odu Afrobeat Orchestra and Mega Faun (of N. Carolina) at the CAID (5141 Rosa Parks, just North of Warren) this Saturday, Sept 13th. Doors are at 9 pm and the cover is $5. One of the most original groups in Afrobeat, Odu has a special affinity for CAID, the site of one of the most memorable dance parties in the band's recent history. As ever, Ade Boye remains one of the few voices in Afrobeat that can escape the shadow of Fela Kuti- especially because he played with the undisputed progenitor of the sound.

Mega Faun play music that is experimental enough to catch the eye of iconic label Table of the Elements/Radium, but song-oriented enough that they appeal to people interested in psyche-folk and acoustic music. They also have a member who was insightful enough to release Nick Schillace's recent solo CD on the Burly Time label.

Tomorrow we will be announcing the location of next week's Henry Grimes/Faruq Z Bey show as well as the Cooper Moore show the following week. We'd love to see you all come and support The Bohemian in these trying times- make as many shows as you can!

The Big Question is why the bohouse is begin close
there was no explanation in the E-Mail got

Remember the Bo House is located in a residential area just about two block off Michigan Ave. in SW Detroit, was they begin force out because of Noise Compliant

one reason according from the Detroit Yes Message Board
that the Building where the Bo House is house was Sold

but antoher post of the same board report that the owner of the building have joined up with a partner and will make some improvement to the Bo House like renovated The Building and not only that secured the parking lot.

Nobody know what going on so if you have some insider info on the Futher of the Bo House please fire off a E-Mail on my blog sight, the E-mail is on the Right of the Menu.


Also there is some good News in one of the venues in the Detroit area
Hamtramck Police have arrest a 41-year old in the hold up in a series of hold up outside the Belmont Bar

According to the Hamtramck Citizen Newspaper, Police arrest John McMiddleton Late Friday Night/Early Saturday Morning after a police Stake out he was arrest with out incdent on the Corner of Carpenter and Jos. Campau. just on the Detroit/Hamtramck Border.

He is suspect in about Four Armed robbery outside the Belmont Bar in the Downtown Bossiness Distcet that have been happening for the last Months, they have mostly taget woman who been alone going to the belmont, they have all been rob with a Shot-Off shot gun.

When HPD Search the Van he was rideing in they found the Gun wrapped under a towel.

also it was reported in the Citizen on-line edition that the suspect have a warp sheet, he just been released in January after a 10 years jail term for committing a criminal sexual act

He Been charged with four counts of armed robbery and being a habitual criminal in the fourth degree. If convicted, McMiddleton faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

His preliminary examination is Sept. 18 at Hamtramck 31st District Court.

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