Friday, September 12, 2008

Breaking Culture News

People's Arts Festival
at the Russell Industrial Center
Postponed until September 21st

Just breaking in Detroit Culture City
People's Arts Festival at the Russell Industrial Center
have been postponed until September 21st

they could not do it on this Saturday
because of rainy weather and wrost T-storm
in the area forecast for tomorrow

According to the official unofficial weather station of Culture City
Local4Caster From WDIV-TV it going to rain all day on Saturday with a chance of
chance of thunderstorms.

and the management of the Russell Industrial Center air on the side of safety
and postponed the event from this Saturday to next Sunday in hope for better weather

so if you are going out tomorrow just a reminder the People's Arts Festival at the Russell Industrial Center will not take place tomorrow and till be rescheduled to Next Sunday, September 21st.

UPDATE: Here is the press released from Russell Industrial Center, takin from the Melody Baetens Detroit After Dark blog from

The Russell Center for Creative Arts regretfully announces that forecasts of severe thunderstorms throughout the day Saturday have forced postponement of the People's Art Festival until Sunday, September 21st. The possibility of harm to artists' works and discomfort to festival attendees was too great to take a risk, considering the forecasts.

Please mark your calendars for Sunday, September 21st as the new date for the second annual People's Art Festival at the Russell Industrial Center. 1600 Clay Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. I-75 Exit 54 - Clay Avenue/Grand Boulevard. East on Clay to the entrance of the Russell Industrial Center/Russell Bazaar. Hours 11:00 am to Midnight.

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