Monday, September 29, 2008

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The Von Bondies have Hound a Label
and will released the "Love, Hate, and Then There’s You"
on 2/03/09

Depending who you ask it was either a good day to be a Von Bondies fan
or if you are not a fan of the band a bad day to be a music fan

I got a press released on My Space message board where it was announced they have found a label for the long awaited Follow up to the 2004 album "Pawn Shoppe Heart", it was released on Sire Records in 2004 after that they was released from the Sire after that album, and then they made a follow up album "Love, Hate, and Then There’s You".

they have been shopping for a label since and they have not found a label for it until now, they have now been singed to the Music Imprint of Shout! Factory called "Majordomo Records!" and also announced that "Love, Hate, and Then There’s You" will get a full released on New Music Tuesday February 3, 2009

the album will was written by Front man Jason Stollsteimer and produce Produced by Rick Parker (BRMC), Peter Katis (Interpol), Sean O’Keefe (Hawthorne Heights) and Butch Walker (Hot Hot Heat).

To warm up to the released the band will released a limited-edition 7-inch single featuring the song “Pale Bride” and the non-album b-side “Falling In Love” will be released on November 18th that will be sold in a short tour that will included Detroit at the Crofoot on Halloween Night October 31st.

the Band have almost a total New line up since there last album, Both Guitarist Marcie Bolen[Now with Sliverghoest]and Bassist Carrie Ann Smith have left the group, the band is made up with lead singer Jason Stollsteimer, Drummer Don Blum,new bass player Leann Banks [Ghost City] and guitarist Christy Hunt.

Majordomo Records is the indie label imprint of the LA base Shout! Factory you know the one that released music catalog reissues, home video/DVD projects of movie and TV shows, there the third band sing to the label the other two are "The Airborne Toxic Event" there self title CD this year and indie fave Earlimart who released there new album Hymn and Her back in July.

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