Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stolen Band Gear Alter

there have been a crime but this time it not a gear but a bus
and it involved a band i like with a local Connection

today i got a post from our friend Nick [who used to be in Back in Spade a few years ago] and is now touring the country with "the kills" [who released midnight boom this year.] well i got a post on the myspace message board that was first a Stolen gear alter.

So i contact Nick via my space and i got a update to put the follow post:

The Kills tour bus has been stolen!

Our bus and the drive​r have been missi​ng for 3 days now. Last seen at LAX[Los Angeles Airport] heade​d to Austi​n Texas​.[they play Austin City Limits Festival this Weekend]

The license plate reads 0305 EA and the plate is from Tennessee.

The band and and crew flew in to Austin Texas,​ the bus was suppo​sed to meet us at 9:00 AM 9/​28/​08.​ Still​ no word from the drive​r and no sign of the bus. Lucki​ly our gear is on the Raconteurs semi truck.

The bus description is: black​ with grey strip​es prevo​st with a big "Z" on the back,​ plate​ numbe​r 0305 EA Tenne​ssee.​ It has a "Z" for Ziggy's Customs bus company. That is also on the side in 5" letters.

The drive​rs name is Brian​ Berke​nkemp​er.

If you see it, please dial 911!!!
Also call 313-605-2505 (Nick the Kills guitar tech and stage manager)

Nick (The Kills)
Teresa (The Kills​)​


Now in a earil post some band gear may be stolen
i will do a follow up check tomorrow

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