Monday, September 29, 2008

Those Danceing preview days - Dance Show No.3

Tonight is the Third Dance show of season 7 of Dancing with the stars
and Now barring Breaking News i can write about before i turn off the Computer
for a few hours.

Now last week was three show spread over five hours of prime time last week with a star dancer off on Tuesday night and Wednesday night.

Now to be honest i saw night one last week, didn't see Night two because i saw a live gig and as promise i say i was not going to do live twittering the result show because it a fluff-o-Rama, so no live local twitter the result show until the last show.

Now on the 1st two kick off last week, it was a giving that Comedian Jeffrey Ross would get the boot after he tried his best but to tell you the truth he can't Dance even after he got accidentally got poke in the eye by his partner Edyta Śliwińska morning run-thought.

on the second one who got voted off the dance floor. i was surprise that actor and killer of so many TV show [Happy Days,The Love Boat,Dynasty,Married... with Children]Ted McGinley to leave show show this early but seeing the highlights it look like he was not quick on his feet then his partner Inna Brayer.

So that mean one thing One More week of Cloris Leachman, She was too much last week playing to the judges, swaing and all the but her dancing put me to sleep but she is showing the old folks at 82 she still have it for better or worst.

and is just me or is the dancing not that good so far, in the two nights of Dancing last week there was one score 25 of better and that was score by Ex- host of E Wild On! Brooke Burke[26 on Night Two].

Since i saw just night One last week
Here who i think doing good and who boring me to death.

1. Lance Bass
2. Warren Sapp
3. Maurice Greene
4. Brooke Burke
5. Toni Braxton
6. Misty May-Treanor
7. Cody Linley
8. Kim Kardashian
9. Rocco DiSpirito
10. Susan Lucci
11. Cloris Leachman

Don't forget i will be live, Local Twitter
Week 2 tonight From 8-10 PM

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