Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's 9 O'Clock

And Do you know where you Indie Kid are?

there Watching Sufjan Stevens.

As we await The Follow up to the best album 2005 "Illinois" we put not one but two videos from the the "Take Away Show" a joint production of French-Canadian music blog
"La Blogotheque" and American blog "Daytrotter"

both was done at the Cincinnati musicNOW Festival back in April and it was a high point the Take away show because it was the 50th video cast of the show which in the past show case the likes of The Spinto Band, The Kooks, XIu Xiu, Grizzly Bear,The Kooks, My Brigest Diamond, Au Revoir Simone, and the Artcade Fire

The 1st Show [Take away show #50] is a full 30 minutes with Sufjan Stevens and Friends and the second one [Take away show #50.2] have Sufajan up on the roof doing a Cover of the Innocence Mission song "The Lakes of Canada"

3 AM - 5-30-07 update: i Try my best to get the embeed code but to now luck so i coul not put it up if you want to see just go to the link i put up obn the main report.

Link from pictfork

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