Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Stolen Band Gear Alter

this jUst posted on My space

A member of the band "Canada" had there car stolen at the parking lot of Universal Mall in Warren, But in the trunk was some gear for the band Canada and it come on a bad time because there weeks aways from going on tour in support for there new album which begin tonight at small in hamtramck and will continued in East Lansing on sunday and will last two months.

So there asking any local musicians to broww the folling gear below and they will promiss to bring in back after the tour.

but as for the car, it a grayish Dodge Stratus with the michigan licence plate
447 FWW

the Gear that was in the car was:

Keyboard (preferably with a nice organ sound)
Glockenspiel and Stand
Acoustic Amp (for the cello)

if you see the car or any of the insterment please let warren Police a call.

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