Friday, June 13, 2008

DETOUR Rock City Festival Review

Tuesday, June 12th

Yeah, Yeah on My Left Foot

Last night, was a really fun time the the stick complex for day one of the DETOUR Festival at the Stick Complex in Midtown Detroit, i got there at about 8:30 PM and was excited to see a number of bands i have not seen, have not seen in a long time and one band in that i fell in love late in 06

but it last night headliner at Local Web zine DETOUR second ever live event "the Rock City Festival" meet all expectation as the Fun Loving keyboard and drums duo from Brooklyn Matt & Kim rock out a crazy set of tunes from there crazy From there self-title 2006 debut album.

They come out doing there own version of Europe "The Final Countdown"[the same song you have heard thousand of times at the begin of the Detroit Piston Game] and then gave a great :30 to :40 set of crazy keyboard sounds with the very intense drumming
as they give there geeky song including there well know song yeah,yeah.

after there set Matt came down and even hug the crowd for showing up because there was nice to almost everybody the crowd, the DETOUR Staff, the stick crew even me as they love playing to a pretty much small crowd, But the show was a very good time

Also one of the fun highlight was was the return of the Hardest working band next to "the Dirtbombs" was "The Hard Lesson", i have not seen the band since there post X-mas gig at St. Andrew Hall back in December and i have seen the band almost 20 time in the last five years, but the band played even with there Drummer "the Anvil" played hurt.

A few weeks ago he broke his drumming foot wheid biking but he tough is out by switing to he other foot.[His left foot]there was no defenced in the band sound, he did fell a little bit of pain but he was to coin the term of one of there song "Felling Alright"

also i saw one of the friend of the this blog sight Thunderbirds Are Now!, they have not played in a long time, with lead singer Ryan Allen doing his other band "Friendly Foes" and his day job, played a real good set near the end of his set he and the rest of his friend dance with some member shirt-less

Also one of the highlight of the September launch gig Juiceboxxx also played a great set aldought it was total crazy like it was during his gig on September he did put on the show, did not run around all over the stage but he did give a good prefromance as he kick out the vibe

also some of the other highlight were for the local indie noise scene well respersented Marco Polio And The New Vaccines was great on the bowling Alley stage, Surband sprawl band "Javelins" sure did impress me, there sound were very good, also was one of last year rising band "Deastro" was also great and only catch the last two set from our own boys S.S.M.

Also i did catch the 1st play to played Local hip-hop person "Breezee One" she was OK it was her one of her dancer and yes the drummers. but did OK

as for the crowd for a Thursday it was so-so to O.K. some of the act were half-full to some of them small, but tonight it day No. 2 and the big act of the night with "The Von Bondies" playing there first big show inside the 313 in almost four year. should be fun.

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