Saturday, June 14, 2008

DETOUR Rock City Festival Review

June 13, 2008

A great Night for live "Bondies"

Well it was a really nice night in Mid-town, procing one thisng not to thurst a weatherman remember they say it was going to rain, but i went back to the stick center for night number two of the DETOUR Rock City Festival, with one of the most talk about band of the entire feat, whether you love the band or not like the band, they return for 1st in almost four years "The Von Bondies.

Now a lot have change in about four since they last played the Detroit metro area, the band no longer have Marcie bolen, or yaz smith or to a degree Carrie Smith who i still miss dearly, and a few member in between, The Von Bondies played a great set may mostly of there older set from there long set and i got to tell you they play a really good set and boy i got tell you it was great and not only that loud.

The Band played thur set like "Come On, Come On", "Going Down", "Been Swank", "Not That Social", "Tell Me What You See", and oh yes the inspirational of the naming this blog sight "It Came From Culture City" the song from "Lack of Communication" the Song "It Came From Japan", all the song was great, as they rip thought there :45 Minutes set.

My imprecision of there two current members were very good Lenna banks[Who play in "The Sirens" and "Ghost City"] look very pretty ever since she was in Ghost City and she look great up there, also Minneapolis transplant Christy Hunt is also a good Guitar play and not only that is very beautiful as well.

Front Man Jason Stollsteimer [who was sporting a summer cut]have not lost that fire since the last time they played here, he a great singer who still have something to prove, Now if there was one complaint was a time they were rusty and sometime they were off mostly with female duo vocals but i have to remember it a different line-up .

The rest of the night of Night Two, was impress with two out of town bands, Cincinnati Low-fi band "Bad Veins" was real good there sound was low-fi at best down 75 with the Synth and drums and all that with the effet of the old 70's Recorder Reels.

Also i was impress by D.C. band "APES" which was very great to listen to and fun to watch a little bit hardcore Psychedelic Rock which is a little dramatic as they play thought.

i did see a few local bands play rock City, i Did see "Beard of Bees" which was good , saw the "Display for the 1st time since last year play at the stick they was bump up after "TIGERCITY" have trouble getting home from Chicago.

and i saw This week "Real Detroit Weekly" Cover stars "Terrible Twos" and they were great a one of those messy rock group who fill a crowd and there girl friend, and i also catch the second half of Detroit Beloved atl-Country band Pas/Cal who is still great.

the worst part writing this report i only have a little time because the third and final day of the DETOUR Rock City Fest begin at 1 PM with the Day Party gig/ BBQ at the C.A.I.D. and it will be held during the day don't worried about swat team coming by.

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