Wednesday, June 18, 2008

DETOUR Rock City Post-Script

Well it is now Wednesday Afternoon.

and it have been four days after the rock city fest have past and yes i did catch up with my sleep after running on fumes between Friday Night and Saturday night [Thanks god for powerade.] so it was a long time i have to post the Saturday night post, which i just post just now and not only that i was still editing the "NEW MUSIC TUESDAY" post which i am still listening at the library because i still have no Sound on the home P.C. and still waiting for a new sound card.

but the last of the live gig have been posted, so it a little bit of a rehash of the whole three days, but first i think DETOUR did a really good job of put this fest mixing the acts from inside the 313 with a lot of bands from outside the 313 and did a good build to to the event with a few bumps in between[VHS and Beta had to drop out of the fest.]

The Crowd was mix thought the entire weekend with a lot of gigs either half to 3/4 full with some getting then a quarter full for some of the early act and even it was 1/4 full for the Thursday headlining act Matt & Kim, they was some complaint in the blogs that it was not advertised that act for the garden bowl was free even if you did not buy a ticket for the acts at the stick and the majestic.

and my one little complaint, it was a tad to loud it was i think turn up past 11, and also that stirk me silly was about that noise call by Detroit Police during the the Great Lakes Myth Society which stike me because if you saw the map after the CAID day party post there is nothing around next to grass empty lots and a school bus depot and a close on the weekend boy scout center on the corner of 12th and E. Warren.

but it is a miracle that the CAID was still open on that day after a after hours raid a few weeks ago, so that is good to see.

Now the worst part of doing this a recap of a fest is to pick the best of the best so i put it down to five in no order what so ever:


Now i did not know about this band going into the fest[remember my sight was down for four months.], but there set was very fun to listen to and fun to watch.


One of the best set i have seen from scrappy Detroit five piece in long time, lead singer "Alicia Gbur" look very pretty as they rock the garden bowl.


Even thought it was not the best crowd of the festival, you can't doubt it lively sprite, as the Brooklyn drum and keys duo blitz thur there 40 minutes set with intense fire, even thought Matt say a little off R. Kelly.


For those who skip after the 1st few song or did not see them at all, you wonder why there still love today as they were in 1992 and remember "Hey you/
You've been around for a while"


either you like them or don't like them, they where intense and was rolling thur there song you know but it was fun to hear some good rock n roll to show the monder day glory of the rock scene in Detroit.

O.K. done with "DETOUR Rock City"
Now on to "Comerica City Fest"

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