Thursday, June 19, 2008

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PRUSSIA sing to a Indie Label

I just got back from the Ladytron gig at st. Andrews Hall tonight [Which i will tell you on the next post] got home checking E-mail and i got this E-mail Thu the tip line, it is from the Chicago Indie Label Common Cloud Records:

"These are our favorite kind of days. Today is a day where we get to announce something that we have been really excited about for the past few weeks. Our family is growing. Please welcome our newest addition to the Cloud, Detroit's own PRUSSIA.

There's a long list of reasons why we are excited about PRUSSIA and their new record, Dear Emily, Best Wishes, Molly. Most of them revolve around the fact that they are a fantastically dynamic band, both live and on record.

After some recent life changes, two-thirds of the Cloud team have ended up in Michigan. While we miss our former resident cities (Chicago and Minneapolis, represent!), there is a vibrant music scene in the Great Lakes State and we are honored to finally be a part of it. PRUSSIA has been at the forefront of its development and their live show has generated a lot of enthusiasm around these parts.

This is also a very exciting release for all of us because it will be our first foray into vinyl. The ten song LP will be pressed on 12″ vinyl, hand-numbered with hand-screened art by Eric Mortensen and the Silent Giants. Now don't worry, the album will also be available on iTunes and the vinyl will come with a digital download so your iPod won't miss out on the PRUSSIA goodness. It's the best of both worlds!"

It was also announced that the new album "Dear Emily, Best Wishes, Molly." will be out on "NEW MUSIC TUESDAY" August 12th,and if you are wondering in the e-mail also include a MP3 of the first single off the new album and it called "Supreme Being"

PRUSSIA just play the DETOUR Rock City Fest last week[video of there gig is also below] and also you are wondering who is Common Cloud Records not much they been in up and running since Early February and are base in Chicago, IL, Other then PRUSSIA there also five other band ["Ammi","Thin Cities","The Felix Culpa","The Small Cities",and "Venna"]

They have a website at or at there myspace page at

Supreme Being

Video From Last week Rock City Festival:

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