Thursday, June 26, 2008

A indie news round up right now

I know, i have not done a local news or indie report in about the last five months since my PC problem and sound card issued and not only that trying to get back in the swing of this after four months off so since everything is almost under control.

here is a few little notes to kick back.

first, this Friday at the D.F.T.[Detroit film theater] at the D.I.A. [Detroit Institute of Arts] will present the movie "Girls Rock!" a doc about a rock and roll camps for girls there will be two showing on Friday and Saturday night [7 and 9:30 PM]and one showing on Sunday at 4 PM.

but Saturday there will be a side show before both showing of the film as the Motor City Midwives which is a make up from "The Decks" band mates Molly-Jean Schoen and Maria Nuccilli they will preform early before the film so get there early.

then after that both will join there other bands mates Alex and Hank as the decks opening up with the "Fonda's" at the Northern Lights in the New Center Area.

Now i don't put the Cliff Bell's on the Outdoor gig Guide radar buy i have to mention the CD released gig for a band who been playing here and there, but there doing a gig this Sunday to released there self title C.D., it Sunshine Doray a band that make up of "Come on" [and long time friend] Deanne Iovan and Kate Feeny who is also married to Dave Feeny of "Blance' who record and produced the CD.

The gig is on Sunday with Serenity Court and you are wondering where cliff bell's is at well it located at 2030 Park street just a block west of the state theater in Down ton Detroit.

and it was noticed last Sunday ground braking comic "George Carlin" died at age 71 of heart failure he was a really good comic who was a influence on many of the comic today and not only that push the limit of what you can and can mot say on TV.

in tribute, this Saturday night on NBC they will run the first ever SNL from Oct. 11, 1975 which was hosted by George Carlin and that will be fun to look back and also until Saturday, HBO will rerun his 12 of his 14 concert special it will be run on HBO 2.

and also two site note of this blog one after my coverage of Comerica Cityfest next week, i be talking to the owner of the Belmont in Hamtramck to book "Culture City Live 3" my third night a good music from the culture city, now i did two DJ night once at the Belmont back in Jan. or Feb of this year and one more back in May at the Norther Light Lounge in Detroit New Center area.

Now the first two have bands, ranging from Tory Grogrey, I,Crime, Giant Tigers, and Dead Letters well if i do culture city live 3 i will need two bands to play around in between the set so if you want to play Culture City Live pleased contact the blog site at Culturecitynewstips[at]yahoo[dot]com or belmontpr[at]yahoo[dot]com.

and one more thing if you remember back before last year before my computer got sick i was doing the Culture City Festive 50 and before i stop which turn out ti be four months i just did part four [No.20 to No.11] and stop at the Outdoor gig guide for new years eve 2007, so i hope it a go for this week the last 10 band in the festive 50 2007 so you find out the top 10 band that matter in 2007, and that 6 long months out.

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