Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Desk Chiar review of today in the PC Olympic

Day Zero

The Opening Ceremonies

the word i have been hearing over and over today in describing the opening ceremony
is WOW

that was the reaction about today opening ceremony as the Chinese put on one hell of a show from the sulaut the anticed and monder day china to the long parade of nation which took nearly over two hours long to the way and the way they lit the Calderon i say it was one held of a show and not only that groundbreaking

the used all the stop that begin with 2,008 Drummer and no where not talking about your regaurl drum kit here they did in anticed drum and it was used by there hands at the same time, after that most of the perform was done by a long 500 foot Scroll as past Chinese culture was on full deplay with everything from great wall to opera puppets to astronauts.

after the full deplay as tradition Greece when 1st as it lead the 204 country in the parade of nation and boy it was a long one as the long live with over 10,500 marching in the Olympic stadium AKA as the bird nest it was total long, big time the America got a warm reception as they enter the field.

But the big chree went for the the Team China as they was lead in by flag bearer the great center for the Houston rockets Yao Ming and came in with a thunder chree.

after the speech and the Oaths, the Olympic came running to the track and the last touch bearer was Li Ning, a gold medalist in gymnastics at the 1984 Games in LA he took it from the center of the stage and when up, way up by wires as he ran on the wall on the top lip of the stadium and lit the cauldron and that the games of of the 29 summer game had be gun.

My thought is that the Chinese put on one hell if a show form start to finish and i feel bad for all those country in the further Olympic it going to hard to top this one it was speatacaulr bar none.


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