Tuesday, August 05, 2008

OH MY GOD, it the go team and then some!

Hello everybody in the local blog space
i hope you have a great weekend

because i had one of those weekend
first it was my 35th birthday, i know i may look young
yes it true i am 35 and still following the indie culture scene
well beyond my high school years

i have a some party at small where Dave and Melody was chatting up a storm
and few friend stop by to wish me happy birthday including Human eye front man and his lovely girl friend.

ate some cake[which was a small one], play mega man on a old NES was some futherrama on the cable tv until close.

But the real fun was on Saturday night where i went to the go! team show at the stick and i got to say it was the best show i have seen all year [now hold on will have a review at the top of this] but the best part was the following events happen after the show.

and no nothing bad happen, all of this was good
and for what you have heard on some other site
This is my version of Saturday night

after watching one of the best shows of the year, i saw friends of the blog jasper from Web Vomit and jrc from fivethreedialtone.com and i ask about the show and jrc and i did have the conservation about who show up to the gig it did go like this

[from the fivethreedialtone site]
FTDT: “Steve, do you know who’s here?”
ICFCC: “Oh yes, The Go! Team!!!!!!!”

but, he did tell me that Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore was here see the show, but i did not believe him for a minute until he told me guess who there behind me, i look and all i said was "OH MY GOD, ELLEN PAGE! FROM JUNO"

yes you hear my correct Ellen Page the breakout star from one of the best movie of last year Juno which i saw at the discount teather this year and it was so wonderful and not only that the Soundtracks total rocks [with Kimya Dawson, Cat Power, Belle & Sebastian, and Sonic Youth]

now i waited for a few minutes to say hi, i did not want to bug her in conversation, i did get to say hi to her tell her i like here in Juno and said you rob of the best actress oscar back in march the conversation only last about two minutes and i was done the time Phil pulled me away and i was not begin rude at any point during the whole five minute's from guess who there to the end of conversation.

after that chance meeting i went up to the stick deck [A.K.A. "The Alley Deck"]to get some fresh air and not only to calm down the ringing in my ear because that show was so loud, the fist person i saw was Liz from the friendly foes, the next person was Detour editor and pubsiher Anthony Morrow and the next person i saw was Jimmy Fallon.

yes, you hear me correct in one of those chance meeting i got to see the man who was on Saturday Night Live for six years was also there to see the go team as well which i was total surrprize as well, we talk and joke for about five or six minutes and talk to him about his upcoming New gig as the new host for late night in Spring of 2009 [right after Conan] to all the cirdidsome of him laghting uncontrollable out of charterer during his SNL day i was so fun i got to meet two star in my own area of culture city. which was cool.

and one more funny thing of my whole Saturday night, i was at the entrance near the stage at the stick deck when jimmy Fallon was heading to my direction, he remember me from 15 minutes ago reach out my hand to shake my hand pull the side comb over move on me, LOL

i was OK i kind of laughed it off,
it was fun meeting two movie stars in the same building in the same day
at the same show
to prove a point that movie do get indie music


and you are wondering what there are doing in Detroit
there here to shoot scene for "Whip it" which is direct by Drew Barrymore [who was also star with Jimmy Fallon in the movie "fever pitch" a few year back]
the film is about an ex-beauty pageant contestant (Ellen Page)sneak out of the house in a small town and join a roller derby team.

The film will come out in 2009 and this movie also stars Juliette Lewis[yes that Juliette Lewis from Juliette Lewis and the licks], Marcia Gay Harden, Zoe Bell, and SNL star player Kristen Wiig.

and speaking about the film according to the Detroit free press in today edition Jim Diamond of ghetto recorders is recording some song of sound track, according to the report Landon Pigg and Turbo Fruits are in the sound tracks for the film which will feather some members of the Detroit derby girls which begin it new season this spring.

and know it was a great night but what about the show
Look above for the full review of the good team.


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