Thursday, March 19, 2009



My jaw just drop when i read this in the Detroit News Web site just after 4 PM

According to the Detroit News web site The Bad economy in the Detroit area have calm a high profile victim.

The C-POP Art Gallery in midtown Detroit
Courtyard Marquee
the indie art place Next to the Magic Stick complex on the corner of Woodward and Willis near Wayne State may close in June.

According to owner Tom Thewes "staying open just doesn't make sense" blaming slow art sales, the Troubled of doing business in Detroit, and the building landlord's to put the building for sale on the property over a year ago and begin in bad times in the Detroit Metro Area did not help much.

there may be hope by turning the building into a mix used Venue that may incorporate C-POP if all else fail June may see the end of the edged art galley that have been located at it current location since 1998 [it stared in 1995 in Royal Oak].

Story From The Detorit News Here.


hip hop honeys said...

Such a shame

Anonymous said...

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