Monday, March 02, 2009

It about two days until the Metrotimes Hamtrmck blowout 12

and i got a reminder on the personal Facebook with some more info

First, Anyone coming from the blowout from Downtown Detroit, Frendale and Royal Oak the Shuttle Bus Service "The Night Move" will pick up people going to the blowout on Friday and Saturday

They will pick up people at the follow location:

Royal Oak (5th and Washington) at 8 PM
Ferndale (E. Troy and Woodward) at 8:10 PM
Detroit (Beaubien and Monroe) at 8:30 PM

Will arrive in Ham town at 8:45 and will take local gig goers
home 1:15am on Thursday, and 2am on Friday and Saturday

Also T-shirt for this year blowout will be on Sale at the K and C
all weekend long at about $ 10
But you want to pick up at the metro Time website

also some addition to the line up:

The Rap Act RenCen is playing the blowout
they will Opened up the last night at the New Douge Lounge
On Saturday at 10 PM

also Mention on the Blowout blog at the Metroitmes Site
that The Silent Years who will playing Midnight at the K and C Hall Main Room
will have 17 members Five of the Silent Years but there will be a choir and a horns section to the mix.

So this will be a Good Set and not only that the late act on Tuesday will play at midnight, so the silent Years may go on well past 1 AM

Also if you are going to the blowout all four days and if your going to take pictures the Metro Times would like to see them to they would shear them on the web site, so see the site, snap it and send it it will be on the Metro times Flicker Site at This Address:

And since were Talking about the Metrotimes
The Brand News MetroTimes will be out this Wednesday
With a complete pullout schedule and map for each night of Blowout

So Pick It Up on Wednesday.


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