Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Metro Times Hamtramck Bowout 12 - Day Three

Last Night it was day Three of the Metro Times Hamtramck blowout and last night was a real great night for local music because it was a oh so good day with temp near the mid 60's, it would be a enjoyable night for going up and down around the hamtramck area.

There would no considering about bundle up for cold weather, it was just cool to walk to one gig to the Next gig or take the shuttle bus which is well begin run this year including the Night Move Bus which is a difference experience because it a green bus and instead of the crappy music from a radio station there was local music pump in the bus and it was all local.

not only that there was some good Vittuam Water on the front of the bus which was good for those of you tried after a full show of taking a rest from all that walking, Oh despise report that was put on the web, No i don't need a Segway thanks you very much, I am fine.

The Best part of the blowout is for new place to offer discount for the blowout and the Towbriged House of Coffee offer a discount and add a quite from a popular you tube clip of some hot head cable host to tell everybody "WILL DO IT LIVE".

After a few days of teasing to the Blog think he would show up as me[which is not true] i did see former MT and current freelance writer Johnny Loftus show up at the K and C checking out the blowout, and it look like he is doing well.

Last night was pretty full all over the place by the 11 PM some of the placed i visit it was near or almost full house when i went to the "Atlas Bar" it was full for four hours Friend, i spend the 1st ten minutes with MT Editor W. Kim Hairon until i found a spot where some of my friends was sitting, that how crowed it was.

and one more note some of the bands play much, much early, i was going to see Elle and the fonts they was going to play at 9:40 PM but play at the same time as the blue flowers, and miss Kelly jean clawell because she play early as well not only that Fred Thomas [of SLGTM fame]and Aran Ruth switch time slot so when they say line up subject to change, think it will change at the last mintue.

as for the music highlights the K of C roof blow off with the sounds of the dirtbombs which have a great line-up these days with the addition of Zachary Weedon of the readies which make a prefit match for Ko demon fuzz playing guitar, the K of C Main Hall was total full expect for the back which is amazing despite the bad sound.

also ripping the blowout was "The Terrible Twos" who punk rock was awesome and blew everybody ears at the blow out.

also good was Tone & Niche which there music is good live you always like good band with string in it and they was good.

also good and fun was four hours friends it great to see a good band who add country and rock together and not only that the girl in the band [who is the girlfriend of the lead singer] look pretty cool.

also Great and cool and also seeing them for the first time since Changing there band name from Ether Aura was "The Blueflowers" which was real cool to see the band, i had to miss them two weeks ago because i when to the back in spades show, but they sound good and at the same time look like a real pretty band may be it the addition of pretty cool base player.

Now i arrived at the carbon bar to see "Jason Croff Family Band" they was going to go on at about 12:20 AM, but end it up going on 12:40 AM i did not stick around because i took a shuttle to the Knight of Columbus to catch the dirtbombs to round up the night.

Well Tonight is the last night of the blowout and yes the blowout least fave friend "Bad Weather" will arrived, but it will not be cold and snow as in years past but it will be cold and rainy with a little bit of thunder and no it not going to be the NBA Team from OKC.

but you stay dry for THE SWAMP SISTERS, FRIENDLY FOES, SATORI CIRCUS, THE DETROIT COBRAS, CARJACK and a lot,lot more and after the Next blowout will be in 12 months from now.

Stay Safe and stay Dry.


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