Monday, April 30, 2007

The Film Gudie Top 10

We have a winner in the box office this week

and if safe to say there saving there money on Spidey 3

For the first time since September 2006, the No.1 film earn less than $10 millions dollars, not good

with Disturbia still at no.1 for the third and final week with a take $9.1 million bring it total take for the three weeks it have been out to a grand total of $52.2 million

the new films on any giving week would rank at the bottom of top 10 or worst nowhere to be seen in the top 10, but giving the facts there luck they make it to the top 10.

"The Invisible" which stars Justin Chatwin as a seemingly dead teen stuck in a ghostly limbo, lead all new films at No.2 with a OK $7.6 million.

The Nicolas Cage seeing two minutes into the Future action flick "Next" was behind "The Invisible" at No.3 with a still OK $7.2 million

"The Condemned" did not opened a can of whoop ass in theater and opened at a very weak no.9 with a poor take of $4 million, the films star WWE Westerl "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

"Kickin' It Old Skool" which stars Jamie Kennedy as a would be Rapper waken up after a 20-years come was Outdated and finish out of the top ten and now is a Dud.

but peter Parker is coming Next week

the Rest of the top ten goes like this:

1. "Disturbia," $9.1 million.
2. "The Invisible," $7.6 million.
3. "Next," $7.2 million.
4. "Fracture," $7.1 million.
5. "Blades of Glory," $5.2 million.
6. "Meet the Robinsons," $4.84 million.
7. "Hot Fuzz," $4.8 million.
8. "Vacancy," $4.2 million.
9. "The Condemned," $4 million.
10. "Are We Done Yet?", $3.4 million.

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