Sunday, April 29, 2007

Kaiser Chiefs

Who say that there second album[Your turely, Angre mob] is no good, but they put on on Hell of a good show as they played in the main stage amog the hot and sweaty crowd as the band played there best stuff From there first album which included "I perdict a roit","Oh My God","Modern Way, and "Ruby".

the lead singer Ricky Wilson know how to work a big Massie crowd as he lead the 60,000 Storng to jump off there feet during there hour set, which was fun to see

they were great under the hot Coachella Sun


Well it no wonder she is called Lovefoxx, the lead singers of the almost all female band was waring a sexy blue body suit in a really hot tent as they played a pretty good set from there self title album last year, they put on a very good set of there rock and roll fuse Disco to a already hot Crowd and Love Foxx did look pertty must i say.

A Little Note on the Sunny Weather

As you Know it been almost 100+ almost every day of the coachella festival and if you know from a lot of gigs, when it get hot Outside it could get hotter inside, i was reading on blog that that the temp inside the tent where the rave band Hot Chip was playing was 150*, Now that hot.


Well if you thing the last two bans i mention where hot, the band who made have reinvented indie dance rock is playing a big flashing mult-color light as they turn the rock tent into a big time rave tent "Atlantis to Interzone", "Magick","Gravity's Rainbow" and "Golden Skans", they also cover TV on the Radio.

Even the lead singers was waring a TV shrits giving prop to the one and only "Dr. Dre", there worth all the hyped as they put on a septualr show.

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