Sunday, April 29, 2007

Webcast review of Coachella - Post #7

Sorry everybody Stay up late after the Coachella webcast to listen to a Assie Rules Football Game live on the internet, so i woke up late and did some thing outsid ethe computer.

So i am back in the Computer doing the last Night of Coachella via the webcast at the ATT blue room.

i been buzy with the Non-Coachella post past festival so i have not been paying attention, so here are some quick instant reviews so far fro day three of the web cast.


Last Week, Sceneter and and member of the Dead Letters Brandon Frey about this band he digg called "Anathallo" he told me that i would digg this band, after seeing this band i can really digg this band, they have good song but a cool vibe.

And the one Plus there Org. From Centarl Michigan [i.e. Mt. Plseant], but now there liveing in Chicago.

The Feeling

I saw a little bit of the band, but there alright

Junior Boys

They were good as well in the few song i saw

Fair to Midland

well i say one thing about this band, there So-so
mostly sound like a heavy Metal emo band.

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