Monday, April 30, 2007

Webcast review of Coachella - Post #8[The Last Post]

Well it is all over as i type this at
10 minutes before 10 A.M. on Monday
The Day after three days in the hot weather in play spring, CA
or for those who were not lucky to go 2300 West of Detroit, we watch it on the AT&T

Sorry, i did not post reports of the last few act on the web cast Because i was so tried of the Full weekend, may be i was wipe out after seeing the Arcade Fire amazing live set, so i was out of whack yesterday i only did one review [Kaiser Chiefs,CSS. and Klaxons] and did not care for the light stuff after that [Crowded House,Damien Rice, and Amos Lee] the only bad thing about it, it i have the TV stuck on a light rock of the 80's infomercial, Hosted by Air Supply

Lucky i did turn the channel to watch Playmania on GSN for the rest of the show

But i stay until the end of the web cast to see one of my fave singer who i saw a few years ago just because Julianna Hatfield was part of the live touring band

The Lemonsheads

and, No he did not bring the Iconic miss Hatfield and part of the live band, but even with or with out her Evan Dando did a good job leading the band who is turly one of the survier from the 90's atl. rock movement.

he played a lot of his old hits like "It's A Shame About Ray","Great Big No" ,"Into Your Arms"amgon others.

and it fit the vibe of the closing night of the webcast

and with that is end the instant web review of the Coachella webcast
i have a long nights this weekend

one more post for the LA blogger and that it, i have to get back[well, i am home]to your regular Scheualr blog.

let me recover form that and i will give you the best and the worst of the Coachella hopeful on tuesday.

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