Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It's 9 O'Clock

and tonight were giving my eruovision song contest preview a little bit of a rest because i saw something very funny i could not stop laguing since i saw it this morning.

I was wrapping my instant review of the webcast of the Coachella music Festival as i waited for the last good band to played the festival webcast ["The Lemonheads"]so with nothing to do, i watch the stunning infomercial of a Collection of soft rock fave hosted by all people Air Suppluy.

I only saw about 10 mintues of it untill i turn to playmania on GSN, thank god for good programming, so i put the Story on it this morning and i want to find the video of a clip of that infomercial, but instend of that i saw this which was so funny i have to put it:

i know you are asking who is Jonathan Coulton

Well he is from Colchester, Connecticut, he is a singer-songwriter, who make Novtive songs about "geeky" topics, and one of the song in the Spoof have been adpot into anthem for tech people, so i have to give you on of the many fan video for the song "Code monkey"

to fine out about his music
you can go on his web sight at http://www.jonathancoulton.com/ or on his my space page at http://www.myspace.com/jonathancoulton

And once you done finding the perfic unbreakable code you still have time on Aug.3rd to go to Lollapalooza at Chicago Grant park and since i skip last night tonight we have two for the price of on on the make shift stage

First up tonight from the makeshift stage is a band who played friday night at Coachella


Create Your Own PaloozaHead - Visit Lollapalooza.com

and on the back en tonight is one of the band who i dont follow on the blog sight, but there playing Lolly so they take the backend on the make shift tonight.

My Morning Jacket

Create Your Own PaloozaHead - Visit Lollapalooza.com

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