Monday, December 03, 2007

Culture City 2007 Questonaire

well it is December, and that mean [if you take away three days] where in the last 31days of the year 2007, it was the year of good live gig, good CD released, a few hic-up hear and there, a few good placed close, going to close, was off the air, or changes hand, it was a up and down year in regions that is still stugeing with the auto inserey in flux and everybody is asking what is next.

so thought out the last month of the year i will as best as i possable could in the chilly basement look back at the crazy year that was 2007.

as many of you readers who have read this web site know there is the grand finally of the entire year which is the 2nd annual Culture CIty Festive 50 for 2007 and the companion Festive 50 - Local 25 on the last full post of the year but that is not ready until the last week of the year.

so i decied to add a short 10 question "Questionnaire" to the mix i have send 19 friends that i know that promote music in this area and ask them to fill out the Questionnaire to be posted here, now of the 19 i send it to belev it or not only four have send back to this blog sight to put on this post.

Now for thouse of you who have gotten a questionnaire and have not fill it you can still do and sent it in at the blog site mail address on the right of the menu and to tell you the thurt even i filled out the Questionnaire myself before i sent out but you see it before i get to the festive 50.

so now let see who return the 1st of the questionnaire in asking the question

How did 2007 treated you with...

Japer - Editor of Web Vomit blog []

Either you like him or don't like him, next to my blog Jasper have one of the best site going today talking about the music scene inside and outside the 313 and some time can give some thing to talk too

all that pay off as he was awarded with the metrotimes best of Detroit awards for Best Web site/Blog Covering Local Music and to tell you the truth my man put a lot into his sight about Detroit music and put his two cent too.

now he just move so he fire back his questionnaire so we have to ask the question

How Did 2007 Treated you

Very well, thanks for asking.

What Crisis that is affecting the indie music scene in side the Detroit area.


Same Question but What major Crisis is reallying Affecting the Indie Music Out Side the 313.

Gas prices

Other then you own released if you where in a band, which local released you dig this year.

Ghost City, Deastro, The Dead Bodies, Electric Six, Freer, The Go, Great Lakes Myth Society, PostPrior (was that this year?), The Hentchmen, Mas! and a bunch of others I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Which album Outside the Michigan area that really sound cool in 2007.

Animal Collective, Of Monteal, !!!, Yeasayer, We Are Wolves, The Narrator, The Veils, White Rabbits, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Modest Mouse, Queens of the Stone Age

Which album,band or Event really let you down big time.

The new Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc Party and Interpol albums were big disappointments. And The White Stripes cancelling their Chicago shows and retiring to sell merch. or whatever it is they're doing, was a bummer.

who did you love live and in person this year. [aka, best gig you saw this year]

Tough question. I see too many shows to remember even half of them. The one that stands out this moment was Patrick Wolf because I wasn't expecting anything that great but he really impressed me.

Which new band did you really love on the first listen or 1st live gig

Jaguar Love on first listen. Champions of Breakfast on first live performance.

If there was anything difference about the indie music scene in 2007 what would it be.

More bands with "wolf" in their name

What band that the rest of the music fans they have not hear of will be heard in 2008.

Jaguar Love

And Finally What is your prediction for the indie music scene in 2008.

More bands leaving major lables to go "indie".

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