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How 2007 teared you with

JRC, Editor of five three Dail []

it time for the 2nd in a seriers of questionaired on the end of the year, now in part one in the year of reviews we have Jasper from Web Vomit who interduct there reader and this blogger to a brand new web site called, been on-line since Early May and this site give some good news and opinon about the music scene.

I ask JRC for his look back at 2007

and i always ask the 1st question:

How Did 2007 Treated you

2007 was pretty good. A lot of great stuff going on in Detroit and everywhere, even if it's under the radar.

What Crisis that is affecting the indie music scene in side the Detroit area.

Crisis? I don't think we have a crisis. We kind of got spoiled with the garage rock explosion that happened. Really, anyone who was around to see the rise of The White Stripes is really lucky. Most people don't get to see that kind of thing in their lives ever. We kind of expected it from every band in town after that. The only negative thing I can say about Detroit is that there are too many venues attempting to do local shows 6 nights a week. The same bands play over and over and over. It's taken me a pretty long time to figure out that I don't need to see the same bands on a monthly basis.

Same Question but What major Crisis is reallying Affecting the Indie Music Out Side the 313.

I don't think there is one. Any crisis seems to revolve around major labels. All the indie kids in bands just do their thing. Maybe gas prices qualify as a crisis. No one ever thinks about that for a touring band. Buy their merch, it really helps out!

Other then you own released if you where in a band, which local released you dig this year.

There's been a lot of good stuff.
The Muldoons ST record..
Deastro / Our Brother The Megazord double disc is disgustingly good.
The Go's new record, Howl On The Haunted Beat You Ride
Mas! - Next Lev
The Hard Lessons 2 EPs.. one isn't even out yet but it's The Hard Lessons, so it will be great.
I was gifted the Pop Project record, and I thought that was really good.
Wildcattings record as well..
I'm sure I'm missing a ton.. I'm horrible really, because I like everything.

Which album Outside the Michigan area that really sound cool in 2007.

There is a band from Nashville, Tennessee called The White Stripes. They put out a record called Icky Thump that was probably my favorite record of the year.

Which album,band or Event really let you down big time.

I don't really have super high expectations for anything. Of course there were things I didn't like, or maybe just didn't get. Why were all those people listening to Blitzen Trapper? I read all these glowing reviews, and it was some pretty bogus stuff. I'm not sure that's even the question.

Who did you love live and in person this year. [aka, best gig you saw this year]

The best gig I saw this year was Patrick Wolf at the Magic Bag. I can't really explain to anyone how great it was. I was on a date, and got to sit at a table, and it sounded great, and the energy was great. It was really everything you look for in a live show. That record is amazing, too. It came out this year.
Champions of Breakfast are up there as well. I still don't really know what I saw that day. I think they had a unicorn.

Which new band did you really love on the first listen or 1st live gig

Locally, it was Mas! and The Decks.. Deastro and remember Reptile Forcefield? That was great too.

If there was anything difference about the indie music scene in 2007 what would it be.

i think the support is definitely scattering. Here it seems we have 10 shows going on at once, all with 25 people at them. Of course the heavy hitters will never be affected by that, but a lot of small bands aren't being given the shots to open bigger shows. I'm not even sure that matters, since some of the best shows I saw this year were in a library in the Bohemian. I still think bands just play way too much. In my opinion, if you have more than 1 show every 6 weeks in the same state, you're playing too much. Your adoring 40 fans will understand, I promise.

What band that the rest of the music fans they have not hear of will be heard in 2008.

I wish I knew. I'm terrible at keeping current with music. Everyone loves to list of wildly obscure bands then asking me what I think about the record. 99% of the time I've never even heard of the band. Even established bands, i'm constantly missing their new records. Your website (itcamefromculturecity) has been extremely helpful in keeping me informed on new releases, so thanks!

And Finally What is your prediction for the indie music scene in 2008.

I don't make predictions. "more of the same" is usually a safe bet. As far as hopes and dreams, I would like Deastro to get famous and build me a castle. A castle made of chocolate. I also would like to have a block party

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