Friday, December 07, 2007

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Today Show[12/07]:
The Room: Interview with Tommy Wiseau

Today is Friday, and as reader who read this blog sight know it that day for new released but if you live in the greater L.A. area, you might want to look in "The Room", now this is not a new film.

This film was made all away back in 2003, released in 2005 to sinker review now a film like this would roit in the back room of the video rental store, but just like the "Rocky Horried Picturs show" in have been a Cult classic big time.

so Mahalo Daily fearless host Veronica Belmont interview the writer, produced, directed and Star of this dark comeny and how that bad picture because a cult classic.[Editor]

Every so often there comes a film that rises to “cult classic.”
Tommy Wiseau’s The Room has reached that level in Los Angeles, where monthly showings have developed a Rocky Horror-esque following. Wiseau, the writer, director and lead role in the film, took some time to sit with us and discuss the film’s popularity.

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And Now here the Trailer for "The Room"

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"The Room" is the best movie ever! SEE IT! I love "THE ROOM" ! Tony from LA