Monday, December 03, 2007

The Live Review

Peter, Bjorn and John
The Majestic Theater
Midtown Detroit
December 1st

Well, i have to give prop to the Detroit music fans on the worst night of the year to go out to see a gig, the area was sock with the first big snow storm of the year the hard core music fan did not want to stay home and miss on of the biggest band of 2007 and the weather fit perfectly with the band that was playing on stage Saturday night.

it was the Swedish band "Peter, Bjorn and John" making a Detroit stop for all there fans here at Detroit rock city to listen to song from there awesome album "Writer Block" and they come on the wright time with the wright weather and a good vibe at the m-stick.

and i know you are mostly stick and tired of listen to there international fun song "Young Folks" in Commerical, Film Soundtracks, and other form of TV, but there live set was a very great fun set that show case the other song on the album as well as there 1st released "Falling Out".

they started out with the very good songs "Let's called it off" and other songs like "Amsterdam" and "Object of my affection", They do good tight live set and the crowd really like it, Oh yes they did play that song the "Young Floks" with the very guest female vocals Olga Goreas the base player for the very cool band "The Besnard Lakes" who open for them doing the female vocals on the song made famous by Ex-Concretes Victoria Bergsman.

The song is very well done live in concert and not only that the male - female part was so gear to hear and they so great live and at one point peter stop the song mid-steam to the delight of the crowd.

after there main set ended after about a hour it look like the night was over and done with and going back with snow road back home, but oh no they did a very good five to seven minutes version of "Up against the wall" and the guys have fun with the front of the crowd even on the edge of the stage in front of the speakers have in a good time.

The opening band, the Montreal base band "The Besnard Lakes" was and they were very good show as they show up in a cloud of smoke and they played tracks from there 2007Polaris Music Prize nominated "The Besnard Lakes Are the Dark Horse" and they have a real god sound as they remind me of a low key version of "The Dears" Who are also From Montreal.

the band was fun to listen to with there great vocal from husband and wife team of Jace Lasek and Olga Goreas[who sings the female part of "the Young Floks"]they did entertain the the crowd who brave the roads of Detroit who made out.

it was great to see that the real music fans made it out there Gig to see the group under the worst of condition to see a wonderful band and go home in what left of the worst of contion and hitting back playing "Writer Block".

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