Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It's 9 O'Clock

The Big indie news story of the day have got the reguarl music news site as well as the indie music blog ablaze, that the ground breaking 90's alternative rock "The Breeders", they will released there 4th album called "Mountain Battles" just six years after there last album called "Title TK" which was released nine year after there big Splash with the album called Last Splash which spawn off the 90's amthem "Cannonball".

The album "Mountain Battles" will be released on New music tuesday April 8 via 4AD and yes both Kim and Kelly deal are in the group.

So why not a block of video For guys and girls from Boston, Massachusetts; Dayton, Ohio; East Los Angeles.

The one and only "The Breeders"

"When I Was a Painter"
From "Pod"

From "Last Splash"

also from "Last Splash"

oh the tracks listing for "Mountain Battles"

"Bang On"
"Night Of Joy"
"We're Gonna Rise"
"German Studies"
"Walk It Off"
"Regalame Esta Noche"
"Here No More"
"No Way"
"It's The Love"
"Mountain Battles"

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