Monday, July 17, 2006

I told you i was going to be a good weekend

I saw a septacual Domiom on TV this weekend

not counting sunday which was dull as a dog and it was in the mid 90's with the Heat Index over 100, the earwax is still bodeing me but on mid-day saturday i did go to the 4th street fair in the New center area jus about a few block from the fabules Fishher Theaher in Mid-town detroit, i got to say it a very hot day in detroit it reach 93 in detroit a very nice day and it did not rain thank god, but on to thte event it self.

When i got there the first band i saw was the Decks which was very good with influcne from sonic youth and and other indie rockers so to the person who did not like my points as the first good band in the post Jack white era in Detroit Music scene to tell the turth there still the first good band in the post Jack white era in Detroit Music scene other bands i saw there where the The Syreens who was great the Hells Bells a little bit, half of THTX with Matt Smith and Ralph Valdese, and i went to a class theadtidtion at the the 4th street the Flaming Monster car from hell next to a barn Fire which was not was well done this year. Ouch but i did see one of the best new Band in detroit which is nearing a full year (debut show: Opening up for the White Strips on Oct. 2, 2005) The young Rock n roll band The Muldoons which was awsome as they rock the house at the Artie Jackson Stage. so this year 4th street was good. i did get home at HQ all right not bad for a low key street Festival.

Speaking of which before i get off the 4th street the new stage was deacatie in the memory of Artie Jackson now i did not know him, so it you know who artie jackinson was and what was his import of the 4th street festival please E-mail the Blog sight at

and speaking of festiavl dont forget there is a boat load of festiavl from woodbrige in Auguest. and the labor Day festival From Hamtramck, Arts,Beats,and Eats, to the Jazz Fest at Hart Plaza to the State Fair which is back this labor day weekend(The State pass a laws that school now begin after labor day to boost toursum)but the big Festival is not on labor day as the Detroit Media always promote it as the unoffical end of summer.

Well you know that last statement is B!&#-S%/@, The Offical, Offical end of summer in the Detroit metro area is the Dally in the Alley Which is held ever saturday after Labor Day on the Border of Wanye State University in Mid town Detroit but you know the Old timers like to called the Cass Corridor, It a street Fiar that border just Four streets Second,Third,Forest and Hancok streets, it about a block west from the Hillberry Theaer a few block southeast of Tom Adams Field(Wanye State Warrors Football Field) and two block south from the internatoit HQ of Detroit Rock and Roll The magic Stick Complex (or better know by there Nickname "The Stick") it 12 hours of tunes, bying music and t-shirt, Walking, meeting Friends who stay over the labor day weekend and Celeabte Free Speech and make the people happy at the University party store on Forest and third but if it get to busy they will let 15 people at a times(Hey they like that Buzzness but they dont want to get to crowed).

it Will be the Celeabret of the end of the Detroit Summer and the begin of the rest of the year including "there going Down Novberem".

the First step will be five week from the date on September the 9th as the offical Dally poster will be reviel on there websight at and a week late the full line-up will be posted to see who playing the Forest Stage, the Garden Stage, the Alley Stage and Urban Electronica Stage.

Now i know i going to be a full month before we got the full line-up but if you are going to play the the Dally in the Alley E-mail this web sight at and let me know if you are playing the Dally in the Alley so i can post it A.S.A.P. so we could let all of detroit rock city know you playing Dally 29.

And so the Date is near By i went to and put in all the detias of how many days away from September 9th, put in the Date 9-9-06 (September 9th, 2006), and now the time at 11:00:00(11 AM, But please Note Some time it always dont begin on time some time a hour or two late) and the time zone(USA-Michigan-Detroit) and we have:

as of 4:07 PM it
53 days, 18 hours, 52 minutes untill the Dally in the Alley 29 begin or eight and a half weeks, 1290 hours,77,451 minutes,and 4,647,084 seconds to that day

as you know i be covering Dally in the Alley 29 up and down in the weeks leading up to dally and dont forget since i be at Dally i wont have a computer near by so come back on the night of Sunday, September 10 for a full Dally Run down

It going to be Fun.

And Speaking about Fun,

The Detroit News have list the Bands in round one of the Audit verson of the April Battle of the Bands, But the daily paper is call this one Sonic Summer the list of the 20 bands are on in today paper or there web site at, out of those 20 bands it will be cut in half to 9 by the reader of the Detroit news by web voteing untill Next Monday at and thouse nine bands will play three Showcase gig on three dates on Friday, August 4th at the M-stick Theatre(or by the offical name Majestic Theatre)in mid-town Detroit, Thursday, August 10th at Magic Bag in Ferndale, and Thursday, August 24th at Clutch Cargo's in pontaic the winners of those showcase will fight for the title on Chrysler Arts, Beats & Eats festival in Pontiac on Sept. 1st and they will win a boat load of prizes which is to much to menton so i put a limk to it Here.

So here are the 20 bands that are up for you vote at and in the insert of public discloser i know some of these bands there are in my hugh bands list From culture city which will be publish soon.

Jiva - Classic rock with elements of soul from Detroit
Angela "A" High - Hip-hop/R&B from Detroit
Tone and Niche - Indie pop derict from Mount Clemens
Cobalt Party Revolution - Indie rock/hip-hop from Clinton Township
The Red Rocks - Blues/rock From Clawson
(and dont forget winners of this spring Battle of the bands at the state Theaher)
Every Last Day - Power pop from Ann Arbor
Bright Black - Alternative funk-rock from Detroit
Cocktail Shake - Detroit Rock 'n' soul
Prime Ministers - Berkley Finest Power pop
Jae Stevens Live - Indie rock Ann Arbor
Free Element - Detroit Rock.
Autopilot - Alternative rock New Baltimore
The Regulators - Classic country from Royal Oak
Tim Diaz - Folk/Americana From Mount Clemens
Little Black Book - Indie rock from Ulby(Now i know your asking where is that town is it in michigan well yes it a town near Bad Axe in the Northen michigan thumb area).
Pillar of Autumn - Modern rock - from Southgate
Search Party - Indie-alternative rock - Mount Clemens
Freer - Detroit Eclectic pop
Laith Al-Saadi - Ann Arbor Blues/rock with elements of adult contemporary.
and last but not least
Dearborn Pop/rock Sunday Painters

the voting is up at woting is on untill July 24th the first of the Semi-final will be post afterward.

other live and Local News in the 313

Just like Johnny headband early this year, This Month Riff2 Band of the Month Ghost City have been Discover by the Manchester XFM Radio as part of there Xfm Manchester Unsigned on Music Response show there one of the four unsingband on this week and the winner this week will do battle infont of a panel of Judges to find the best unsing band. Here the Link to the page on XFM Manchester right here:
and please suport Ghost City.

the local band the TRANZISTORS (who have dino from the now defunk young soul reble record Store) have e-mail me to say they have a new 45 out now it call TRANZISTORS YOO WILL b/w YOO DON'T and it from Cass records at the web sight at

Now in other indie News in the Round-up outside the 313

the soundtracks to the movie version to "Miami Vice" will be out on July 25 with two tracks from Mogwai it will also feather songs from Goldfrapp, Moby, and India.Arie Emilio Estefan and John Murphy, i will also include Nonpoint cover of the Phil Collins Classic "In the Air Tonight" oooohhhh ooooohhh.

And speaking of Mogwai, according to they have score the soundtrack to Douglas Gordon-directed doc Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait and yes i know what your asking yes it about French soccer player Zinedine Zidane who carred ended ugly just last week at the world cup final when he head butted Italian Marco Materazzi in the world cup final, Was it something Materazzi said, the film will make its UK debut at the Edinburgh Film Festival in August, with the soundtrack scheduled for an October release. no word on a US release.

and by the way hide your kids because on August 15 the legendary punk Band Sex Pistols' will release there 1977 bootleg Spunk Originally pressed to vinyl during the band's heyday, this early Pistols collection reveals a massively important early chapter in the legendary band's strange history-- what with its pre-burn out/sell out poignancy and all.

Or as a statement on the Castle website kindly elaborates: "This is the real sound of the Sex Pistols. Back in 1977, the Spunk bootleg captured the authentic aural assault of punk's premier protagonists, more than a year before they released their first legal LP. Spunk has gone down in history as the finest British punk record, and this anniversary edition recaptures all the sonic thrill of the Pistols at their peak.

More specifically, the official Spunk release offers early versions of such genre-defining classics as "Pretty Vacant," "God Save the Queen," and "Anarchy in the UK" (each boasting their original, less inflammatory titles), which appear across the original album's 12-song running order, as well as three additional bonus tracks.

also out a mouth later and everyone put this Down September 12 that will be the date for the Follow up from Tv on the Radio Return to Cookie Mountain is release on a unseping public, Over the weekend "According to" they film the video for the first single "Wolf Like Me" in Brooklyn and the weather out there was nice or as Mr.G say it Bone Dry. the band will also tour the US when the album is out and that will include Detroit.

and on October 3 pint-size grime rapper Lady Sovereign will release her debut record in the state it call Public Warning and it will be out on Def Jam here the track listing:

01 9 to 5
02 Gatheration
03 Random
04 Public Warning
05 Love Me or Hate Me
06 My England
07 Tango
08 A Little Bit of Shhh
09 Hoodie
10 Those Were the Days
11 Blah Blah
12 Fiddle With the Volume

she playing a bunch of festival incluing New York City Central Park Summerstage(July 30),Lollapalooza in Chicago(Aug.5),Reading and Leeds Festival(Aug. 25 and 27),and Seattle Bumbershoot Festival(sept.2)

and the Clinic(Who i saw almost a year and a half ago or two yeay with the LA Bands midnight Movie and the scottih Band Sons and Datghers at the stick) will release it new forth CD on October 9 call Visitations it the follow up to 2004 Winchester Cathedral.

The Dears who have one of the Best alubm of 2004 with lost in the plot will release the follow up on October 3 it called "Gang of Losers" there is a sneak peek of the first single "Ticket to Immortality."

And VH1 will pay tribue to Chrissy Hynde and her band Pretender at an upcoming taping of VH1's Decades Rock Live on August 11 at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City it inculed Incubus, Iggy Pop, Shirley Manson and the Kings Of Leon, it will show sometime in the Fall.

and now here some links that will make you happy not only was the 4th street Fair in detroit was something, In New York City the Village Voice (NYC Verson of Detroit MetroTimes) put on the Siren Festival at Coney Island in Brooklyn with set from which feather,SCISSOR SISTERS, SHE WANTS REVENGE, STARS, ART BRUT, THE STILLS, TAPES 'N TAPES, THE CRIBS, SERENA MANEESH, CELEBRATION, DIRTY ON PURPOSE, MAN MAN, THE ROGERS SISTERS, DEADBOY & THE ELEPHANTMEN, PRIESTESS AND THE MISSHAPES DJS and there was load of it on line i have a bunch links below with have storys and pics from siren:

Rolling Stone

Also pitchfork have reviews From New albums from
Shapes and Sizes
The Longcut
Sam Roberts
Frog Eyes
also there a interview with the one and only
David Byrne
The Country of India vs the Blogs
So You Want To Be A Rock Critic on The Arctic Monkeys
and in
Top Ten Rejected Titles for the New Who Album

This Week in the movies and "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," have added $62.3 million More Dollars so that make the 10 days take at a good $258,364,766 hey it half way to sinking the titanc for best grossing film of all time as it fend of two badly review film Little Man and "You, Me and Dupree," if you combine the two film awful plot it would only made $43.1 million. the other films

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, $62.3 million
(yes friend we have to wait untill Memory Day 2007 for the film three)
2. Little Man, $21.6 million
(you mean it not a flop)
3. You, Me and Dupree, $21.5 million
(Not quite)
4. Superman Returns, $12.3 million
i think the krtonight is killing the gross)
5. The Devil Wears Prada, $10.4 million
(and will have it day)
6. Cars, $7.8 million
(it slowly going back in the Gradge)
7. Click, $7.3 million
(i hoped i click of the Hoff Video i am seeing on the blog)
8. The Lake House, $1.7 million
(HQ is the cool place to be)
9. Nacho Libre, $1.6 million
(no i will go to the taco Bell)
10. A Scanner Darkly, $1.3 million
(it not a flop because it played in a small no. of screen)

and Before i go bad news for all of you guys

Mall punk Avril Lavigne married a SK8R Boy (Sum 41 drummer Deryck Whibley)
She wore Vera Wang and Chuck Taylors Convers(The last detials we made up)

Weather in Detroit Tomorrow
Sky - Nice day but Isolated thunderstorms in the morning, then skies turning partly cloudy late, let hopes the basement dont flood
Hi Temp - 82°

And One More Note Tomorrow at between 6 and 7 AM EDT (11 to Noon UK GMT)on BBC Radio one ( or on Sirius Radio (ch.11, Same day taped at 11 AM to Noon EDT) The nominated of the Nationwide Mercury Music Prize for the best British or Irish album in the last 12 months.

Just remember who won last year
Antony and the Johnsons – I Am A Bird Now


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