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17 days Untill
Dally in the Alley

well it been a quite day in the newsroom with a bunch a local news stuff which i will get to but if you have been noticed this blog sight it a little bit diffence, It still the same blog site at itcamefromculture.blogspot.com, it look the same but there is a slight diffence, because late sunday night it switch over to a new updated version of blogger.com which i quite like because you have to create HTML and CCS but since i dont know how to do that it was tought to do a a group of links on the side,so with the new interface will be more easy.

And a new feather that will be helpful for the daliy and weekly post you can now lable post on the blogger sight which will be good for this sight like The Main Story post and the regualr post like Gig Gudie monday, New Music Tuesday, and Film Gudie Friday, also there will be tags for Breaking Culture News and the speacl live and local post of the big event like this week prime time Emmys awards and if i ever write one the live review so this week end i may or may not update all the post since i started this blog on May 8th.

So this sight will get slightly better over time.

Now that i explaned the slightly differcen like (Which is not much)

Like i say there is no local news but there is this story that was is today Detroit Free Press because there was problums at the second show for Dave Chappelle's at the FOX, yes it was the second show at the fox, the first show (The 7:30PM Show,which was sold out a few weeks ago) went well, but the second show was a little tought accroding to today Free Press that fans at the 10:30 PM Show turn it into a heckler fest.

a E-mail told the Free Press "The loud drunks shouting things and the people in the front row standing up and talking to him. He only got through maybe 40% of his material. I felt bad for him. I don't know how the early show went but if I were him I would think twice about coming back.", that smae E-mailer say that "The 10:30 show was the worst I have ever seen,"

The Free Press was specaltion that the 10:30 Crowd was pleantly lubricated before the show and also the 10:30 Crowd was having trouble finding parking because the crowd for the first show and the tigers game was getting out and headed home that delay cause Chappelle second show to go on at midnight, Ouch

well my advice to anyone hosting a musicical act or a comic at the State Theater, Fox Theater, City Theater(Old Second City Downtown location), Dertoit Oprea House, or the Gem Theater when trying to book two show on the same night check the lions and tiger schucel so you wont have traffic problme with fans who going to the show or gig and fans coming or going to the game.

And i forgot about two gig i forgot in yesterday post

one if you save $52.50 it will by you a ticket to the 40th anniversary of the Grande Ballroom at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Downtown Royal Oak, The Card for that show which will begin at 6 PM will have 3rd Power (with Drew Abbott, who went on to play with Bob Seger's Silver Bullet Band) will "kick out the jams" a la another Grande attraction, the MC5. Then comes the Crazy World of Arthur Brown followed by Big Brother and the Holding Company ( Joplin's band) with Canned Heat rounding out the musical tribute.

Dave Miller (Grande's original emcee) returns to Detroit to host the scheduled seven-hour event. Original Grande artists Gary Grenshaw and Carl Lungren will also appear, and there'll be a tribute to Russ Gibb --the "Paul McCartney is dead" guy and counterculture legend -- who ran the Grande.

Ticket is on sale Thur the box office, at www.tickets.com, 1-800-919-6272 and Tickets.com outlets, including Record Time in Ferndale and Roseville
For More info: Info at 248-399-2980 and

As for the location of the buliding on 8960 Grand River on Detroit West side well in May Chapel Hill Ministries brought the Buliding back in may and may will likely be torn down.

accroding to the story in the free press
last weekThere are huge holes in the roof. The elements have rotted its ballroom floors. Brick walls have collapsed or had sledgehammers taken to them.

if you want to read the post about the Grande you can link to it from Detroit yes at:
If you want to see what to see the inside of the grandy look like now:

and i did not for get the Detroit News Sonic Summer: A Battle of the Bands the thrid and final semi-final gig this thrusday at Clutch Cargo's in Pontiac, Who will go on to the Finals gig on September the 1st will it be Alternative funk-rockers from Detroit Bright Black, or will it be Ann Arbor Indie rocker Jae Stevens Live, or will it be Modern rock from Southgate Pillar Of Autumn.

They will played at 10 PM at the The Detroit News Sonic Street/Comcast Stage at Chrysler Arts, Beats & Eats in Pontiac September 1st, they will join by Semi-final gig winner no.1 Free Element(8 PM)and Semi-final winner no.2 The Prime Ministers(9 PM)with the winners of the big gig will be revield after all three played, before that there will be wram-up gig from 2006 Battle of the Bands Champions The Red Rocks(6 PM) and Last Year Sonic Summer Champions The Killer Flamingos(7 PM)

Well if you read yesterday i put a lot of new gig date for band coming to town or near town, but guess what can you say we have new dates, Oh yes we do.

In Detroit
Amy Millan
10-01 - Magic Bag - Ferndale - $13
Lisa Germano
10/23/06 - Stormy Records Space - Detroit (SomeWhere in Detroit)
What Made Milwaukee Famous
10-05 - (Opening for The Long Winters)- Magic Stick - Midtown Detroit - $8
Near Detroit
The Hidden Cameras
9/8 - Call the Office - London, ON
9/9 - Toronto Islands Park(V-Fest)- Toronto, ON
12/11 - Subterrenean - Chicago, IL
12/12 - Grog Shop - Cleveland, OH
Jolie Holland
10/12 - Beachland Ballroom - Cleveland, OH
10/22 - Little Brothers - Columbus, OH
and from a E-mail i got at my space.com, The JURASSIC 5 show that was suppot to be on Saturday at St.andrew hall have been cancelled(Now reason gived) REFUNDS ARE AVAILABLE AT POINT OF PURCHASE!!

And now here are the other News from the indie world from out side the 313

Ha ha Weezer Graest Hitats ever

just week after Frontman River Cuomo said he was puting his long time band on hitats, It look like us music fans got punks aging on there web sight (weezer.com) with this post from the stange frontamn, "this PSA has been brought to you by the fine guacamole dip at Scott Shriner's house, co-sponsored by a ring of fine cheese, and a dish of fresh figs from the back yard. Now please, take those "weezer split?" headlines and place them firmly into the "Don't believe the hype" bin. And have yourself a fine afternoon now."

OK, but why put the rumuos out there in the first place, the staement say also did not revieled there futher plans.

Gee Betty, The rehab is full of rockers

last night i told you that three gig in euroupe was cancelled because Lead man Tom Chaplin, was suffering from exhaustion.

24 Hours later Keane have revealed his in rehab for drug and alcohol problems, the band have posted a statement saying this:

"I've been having to deal with an increasing problem with drink and drugs, and the time has come to get the professional help I need to sort myself out," he also added "I feel desperately disappointed to be letting down our fans, but I want to get myself right now so that I can be back on the road for the rest of the year."

so this mean the the september 9th show with razorlight at the State Theatre have been postponed, all ticket will be refund at the point of purscud.

he Join of all people Darkness Frontman Justin Hawkins admitted to a rehabilitation clinic and has been forced to "cancel all professional commitments or work-related activities," according to a post on the band's site. Now what is he in for the band is not saying as the post list, "We are not here to comment on Justin’s private life -- or anyone else’s for that matter," the post continued. "He is feeling better already, and as soon as he is ready we will be going straight into the studio to begin recording album number 3."

Let hoped he well becaues nobody remember how bad was the second Album then Kevin Felderline rapping.

Modest Mouse have Johnny Marr and now they have a date and a released date

Modest Mouse who last week told the world that ex-smiths member Johnny Marr have join the band full time on the new album, well the new album have title and a releaed date, The News Modest Mouse album will be out on December 19th Just under the dead line to make the best of 50 for 2006, and the album title is "We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank.", it good news for people who like there last album "Good News for People Who Love Bad News".

The new album was recorded at Sweet Tea Studios in Oxford, Miss.

and yes there will be a US Tour which have to include Detroit or SomeWhere in Detroit.

And for those who wait there will be more for you from TVOR

TV on the Radio will added three bouns tracks to there long awaited follow up "Return to Cookie Mountain" Out on September 12th, Two of them, "Snakes and Martyrs"(No not releated to the movie "Snakes on a Planes")and "Things You Can Do", were previously released as the B-sides to the "Wolf Like Me" single on 4AD. The third track is a remix of "Hours" by El-P.

here is the full US tracklisting for "Return to Cookie Mountain"

01 I Was a Lover
02 Hours
03 Province
04 Playhouses
05 Wolf Like Me
06 A Method
07 Let the Devil In
08 Dirty Whirl
09 Blues From Down Here
10 Tonight
11 Wash the Day Away

Bonus tracks:

Snakes and Martyrs
Hours (El-P Remix)
Things You Can Do

they will stop by the detroit area on oct.10th at St. andrew Hall

A member of Death Cab for Cutie go solo

Guitarist Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie is going back to the band former lable to released his solo debut, On his official website, Walla announced that he inked a deal with Barsuk Records to release his solo debut in 2007. The still-untitled album may be released under Walla's name or under the name of a band, depending upon if he can find a name for his band that he like.

Barsuk Records have been on a hot streak of late, haveing artist Mates of State, Viva Voce, Jim Noir, Smoosh, and the just released What Made Milwaukee Famous
and could be the cool indie label in 2007.

speaking of which first The Go Team Cover "bull in the heather" and now the yeah, Yeah, Yeahs is coving "the diamond Sea"

The Lovely but Wild Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs is releaseing a cover of the song off the 1995 album "Washing Machine", But you can only get that on iTunes, you also get acoustic version of "CHeated Hearts", Gold Lions", and "Turn Into" off this years "Show Your Bones"

Dont forget no post tomorrow
and for the next few weeks there will be post because of the Fastey Draft and work so i may not blog much from now untill the end of labor

and the Weather Tomorrow
Sunny along with a few clouds. High 79F

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