Saturday, August 26, 2006

It Came From The Late Night Music Club From Culture City With New Lilly Allen

Well as you know it have been anerdor slow of doing this blog either me doing this blog or try in g to format this blog which i may change in reporting this blog in a few weeks.

and all this week there have been video news video up the wad-zoo but i have reserved the video for a birhtday, three live act coming to Detroit (Alice Copper, Loretta Lynn, and the B-52's) i have inorged the new video for pitchfork, Sterogum and other may be of the latest rumors on who is leaving Saturday Night Live.

But Tonight we have a new video and guess who is from because we may be looking at the early contender for album of the year 2007.

It Lilly allen, who album will not hit the State until next year, and setting up US (The Closest she com to Detroit is October 8 at Mod Clun Theatre at Toronto and October 16 at the Double Door in Chicago)

She just released her second video form Hit album in the UK, but she made two video, One ride around her bybcleye around London, the second one the pro video MTV want to play.

This is Lilly Allen

Version One
(Around London)

Version Two
(Lilly and the techno-colored Dream Dress)

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