Thursday, August 24, 2006

Breaking Gig News

i Have not one but two gig News to Annouced
Not Just one but two and both will be at the palace in Auburn Hills

First New gig No.1

November 21th

One of the Newest band of this year and a band i cant stand Panic! At The Disco will tour the country begin on November 7 and yes it will make a detroit tour stop on November 21th at the palace opening up for them will be as a wram up for there new album in 2007 Bloc Party that will have ever rock or indie rock blog saying OMG WTF, but to tell you the turh Blog party could out perfrom PATD any time.

that show will take place nearly three weeks untill New gig no.2

On Nov.2 after playing the summer at minor leagud ballparks (Incluing Comstock in westen Michigan) Bob Dylan will tour the country pushing his new album "Modren Times" out Next week his tour will begin on October 11 in lovely Vancouver, BC as yes it will have a detroit date Thursday, November 2nd at the palace with Foo Fighters(support the mid-west dates) playing a Acoustic set to opend the show, the other support bands on tour Kings of Leon (West coast incling Lincon, NE and Chicago,IL) and The Raconteurs (East Coast)

the Full detalis at
Dylan websight

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