Thursday, April 19, 2007

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Good Morning
We Do have breaking News
and i hate to say
"The Dream is Over"

Breaking Culture News

Sanjaya Done On America Idol

and we Begin this morning with news of America Idol least fave contestant ever the 17 year old kid from Federal Way, Washington, the One and only Sanjaya Malakar who people who can't stand the whole show together and found new light to ruin the show for crappy music to make More Crappy music down the road.

We keep voting him in week after week to show to prover that the indie kids have engouht for a over blown show, but tonight a from of music this blog sight can not stand "Country Music" have done Sanjaya in.

He was voted out of the crap show tonight after wounding up in the bottom two with of all people the Flint contestant LaKisha Jones who did not do well last night with the country music Format.

When Ryan Seacrest made the producer and the Judges happy when he said his name "I'm fine", "It was an amazing experience." he sang off to the Sunset by singing Bonnie Raitt - "Something to Talk About".

Minutes later the sight that began it all the Howard Stern run was this post:

"Well it couldn't last forever! Great work everyone on helping Sanjaya make the top 7, he's now the all time VFTW record holder. But as classic Worsters know, we always move on to someone new. Who will it be? Phil? Chris? Someone else? Sound off on the message board and let us know your opinion. We'll have an informal poll up soon to see what the general consensus is. It's so sad to lose our VFTW king, but we can't stop bugging the producers, they'd like that too much! So stay tuned and let's remember how much fun it was to help keep Sanjaya in the running for so long! Time to move on to Idol Gives Back, where the producers get corporations to donate money yet donate nothing out of their own ridiculously huge paychecks!"

Well All of Culture City gave it a good run for about the two weeks i did it
Howard Sten was a big help.

And Now that Idol will make the Next Star that will make millions sick to the ears

There always Countdown with Ketih Olbermann on MSNBC Every Night at 8 PM

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