Friday, April 20, 2007

The Indie News Round Up

It Late Tuesday Night/Early Friday Morning

And today was a beautiful day with hi in the Mid 60's

and the good thing the blog sight goes on
with the Indie News Round Up

May be it me or if i one of the first Local blogs to mention this but was have a title and almost a date for "the New Pornographers" New album since 2005 and from what Front Man Carl Newman telling Billboard that the album will be “more epic” than Twin Cinema.

The Album will be tentatively titled "Challengers" and they are looking at a released date of August 21th on Matador Records.

Also coming soon the second album from the U.K. band "The Magic Numbers" who will released the album Those The Brokes" July 3rd on Capitol.

And Guess what Eddie Argos and his band Mate from Art Burt will be back in session with there New Album"It's a Bit Complicated" out on June 26th, but if you can wait that long they will be released in there DVD called "Talking to the Kids" on May 22nd.

they have a track listing for the album here:

1. "Pump Up the Volume"
2. "Direct Hit"
3. "St. Pauli"
4. "People in Love"
5. "Late Sunday Evening"
6. "I Will Survive"
7. "Post Soothing Out"
8. "Blame it on the Trains"
9. "Sound of Summer"
10. "Nag Nag Nag Nag"
11. "Jealous Guy"

And there good news for fans of the Two Gallants, all charges were drop against There drummer Tyson Vogel resluting the incendiend at a houston Night club back in October when a Police was investgaing a nosie Compalnt Tyson Vogel was chage with interference with a police after the band would not stop playing there gig.

the band post this on there websight:

"the misdemeanor charge of interference with a public servant has been dropped completely by the city of houston against tyson. the charges against greg who shot the videos have been dropped as well. it dragged on with five non-trial court appearances and then someone decided to actually look at the video. oh yes, that video which showed a very large, maniacal officer tackling the band on stage in front of everyone for an alleged noise complaint. obviously there are worse injustices in the world, but this was really unfortunate. thank you everyone who spoke up and showed your support. many were people worried it was going to hurt the houston music scene and make other bands not want to go there. we can only tell you can count on the gallants coming back to houston very soon."

Now with all there legal probum over, they will now look at a released at there New EP call June 19th on Saddle Creek.

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