Thursday, April 19, 2007

Live gig Review -Yo La Tango - The Majestic Theather - Midtown Detroit - April 18th, 2007

It Was Good and Mellow as one of my fave bands the NYC Band "Yo La Tango" play a really good 90 Minutes set at the Majestic Theater in Midtown Detroit.

They Started off the set with there classic From A Motel 6 and after that they really, really Jam out to a pretty good size crowd, as they played mostly from lated album "I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass" [yes kids, that is the title] it was mostly insermatl as they rock out to all they song the crowd was enjoying it, even if i don't all there songs they were really great as they play there song.

also when they did there encore they played on of my fave song "Sugarcube" from "I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One" also they have there opening band from "New Times Vikings" as they did some cover for two songs and that was fun to see.

they did come back for one more and it was a quite song as Drummer Georgia Hubley sang a song from a album which i cant remember the name of and it have a dance hall fell to it as i cam close up to the stage i saw a lot of the fans dance to a smooth song.

It was cool and it was mellow night all around.

The Opening band the Columbus,Ohio band "times new viking" was very fun to watch and listen to as they do there lo-fi Rock as they play song from "The Paisley Reich" which is on a indie label and new song for there debut on Matador Records.

So that is the report from the field in Detroit Culture City.

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