Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The blog site - One Year Later

Well as you probable know today[May 8th] is the one year birthday of this blog sight which started on May 8th, 2006 and this have been a tough and trying year of putting together a daily blog done by a person who can only write 22 WPM[words per minutes]but have been a long time supporter of the Detroit and Indie scene for the last ten years.

so over the last five days i did some reflecting on this whole sight one year later which i will put on the post after a little bit of a flashback of sort

so on this 1st anniversary on this blog and since most of you did not read this blog sight back on Monday, May 8th, 2006 with Correction from the new blogger beta [Note when the blog sight began, it was the old version of blogger], here is the first post on this sight, Which was written and post early on Sunday, May 7th, the reason i did this so everybody could read this on a Monday.

The Orgianl Post [5/8/06]

Welcome To Culture City

Hello, welcome to the underground,Welcome to the indie culture, Welcome to the ceartate town that is Detroit, where cars were born, sander Ice Cream once rule and some of the good and cool sound music was made and still made today, it just like you want to go to the show talk to your friends and see what is going on, it either going in small town where the near town for a gig or some thing to do is the near collage town or the big market city where depend on the city you and take a bus to see a new UK after your friend told you that cant take you because he going on a nice date north of the freeway.

Well to see and follow underground and accpect it have always not being easy it date way back in the 50's with our parents era, you see back then a gig anywhere mean you have to dress up nice and look nice to impress you date and see a singer or do-wap group show why there on the "Hit Parade" it was nice for a while, But it all all change in 1954 where at the Overton Park Shell in Memphis, TN a young shy teenage just out of high school was opener for a country dude he was so nervous his legs cause the young girls to go nuts for this young boy who would die to take him home to mommy, The young kid would be know an the future King of Rock and Roll ELVIS PRESLEY, He broke down the wall and created a buzz that come out from the under ground to a sensation which have not recover, soon after that so many kids want to play rock n roll music and the underground indie movement was on.

there parents were not impress so the kids where to follow the sence where they go as time when on like and sounds change too from the hippie era of the 60's and to the Disco era of the 70"s and the power of the 80's the kids where not going to take lying down listen to over hype awfew music there where going to listen to who they think it sound cool that was reinforce in two eras, in the early 90's where where Nirvana, Preal Jam, and a stew of band from the east coast to the west coast create a new diffence sound which was so popuarl it would drive those awful hair bands out of business but it did not last long after the death of Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain and then the music went in a bad funk with bad Music whit some over-hype boy bands gril who is still in school and is sexiness up because they have a song and a bunch of over the top song from a sappy film ouch, which lead to a second of era good music, Which i say i am prode to be a part of because during this time of bad music at a small club on 3129 cass ave. just a little NW of downtown Detroit there was a club just open up call the Gold Dollar, it been only open for a year for band who just starting out before they play the magic stick, it had bands like Detroit Cobras, Spat!, The Wild Bunch,American Mars and other local bands and the poetry reading here and there but one hot night on august 15, 1997, A two piece band from SW Detroit made there debut opened up for a estabish band call The Hentchmen Only a few people show up for that gig, but legion UK Newsman and label head of factor records Tony Wilson says "that History man" that band start a new under ground of Detroit music and reinterduce world to the sound of Detroit with bands like Outrageous Cherry, The Soldad Brothers, His Name is Alive, The Go, The Greenhorns, Dirtbombs, Gore Gore Girls, The Clone Defects, Volebeats, Slumber Party, The Come-Ons, The Paybacks, Amino Acids, The Wax Wings, Von Bondies, and The Sights made Detroit the kings of the music wolrd aging after the motown four decades early oh by the way that band that light a fuse that night in 1997 opened for the Hemtchmen: The White Stripes.

But the last few years to gain accpect in the main stream have been thought go, MTV don't play music video any more just air idiot want to hurting themselves, bad singer being upfront on ever tablod show and a star is born by just singing clean up Keroke, and to over hyped singer and band singing bad songs to force you to by bad merch. and and a band who just make for the indie kids but it giving less pub for a guy who cant sing rickey martin.

But Thank god for the internet and and thanls god for blog to tell you what really going on and that where i come in, this is IT CAME FROM CULTURE CITY a blog sight that will follow the indie rock Sence and other thing going on in the Detroit Metro area and will check out other things like movie and theater, will see who have a new movies out, who on TV, will check up on the best souced and some time will go out of the box like Sports, TV and a little policts, i will have segment like my reg. Segment

Monday - It the Indoors and Outdoors Gig guide
will see who popping up on TV,Internet radio, and satellite radio, But will not be limited to the indoor will go outdoors to see who playing in the Detroit area of any one good that is worthwhile

Tuesday - It always a big day it your a big fan of any bands in the indie world it went there new CD is out to a unsupping public also out on that day will be reissued DVD of music and TV on DVD

Friday - if you want to get out to see a movie but don't know what to see we have a a list of ever film that is out this week and the review take on the film and will take a little trip to the low price movie theaher of the dame in warren to see what playing there

and on Sunday a little weekend update for a rant on something or tear apart a list i see in a pop culture magazine and will always report on the latest breaking pop culture store in Detroit or any thing that cross my mind it will be good and always up to date.

But i can not do this alone so i will asked you for help, so if you hnow a good web sight or story to tell or you have info on a upcoming happened you can e-mail this blog sight the e-mail address is at

and please it got to be a real story no fake stuff please

so i hoped you enjoy this web sight.

Oh by the way about me, i wont get into much but i am vet. Of the scene for almost 10 years being a fixture of the Detroit culture scene

Keep on rocking in the free world

see you down the road

good night and good luck


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